Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 01/18/2016 - 4:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds from Jan. 4-14.


    Hildegarde E. Bradney and James A. Bradney Jr. to James A. Bradney Jr. and Hildegarde E. Bradney.

    Wendy L. Ross and Alecia Sudmeyer.

    Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States of America - HUD.

    Weathervane Seafoods to Gagner Family Limited Partnership.

    Marcia Cooper to Marcia and Gary A. Cooper.

    Joline J. Blais and Jon C. Ippolito to Alison G. Picton.

    RIchard C. Banks Sr. EST to Michael Banks and Stacey Brown Banks.

    Jane H. Silber Living Trust to Barbara Currier Bell.


    Kathleen Balestrier and Sidney J. Balestrier Jr. to Balestrier Maine Trust.


    James H. Harvey to Timothy M. McCann and Teresa Snyder.


    Maine State Housing Authority, and Michael J. Chasse to Colleen R. Hanlon-Smith and Luke T. Donahue.

    Jason M. Seyfried to Eric J. Clark.


    Carol D. MaCaulay to Annabelle Selldorf.

    Katzoff Realty Inc to Lydia and Gerald Katzoff.


    Janice M. Snyder to Janice Snyder Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    Scott A. and Cherdelle H. Bryant to Debra M. and Russell W. Arnold.


    Wendell R. and Arlene M. Wentworth to Christopher L. Wentworth.

    Mark S. and Brenda L. Garafano to Brenda L. Garafano.


    Elizabeth P. Ahearn to Elizabeth P. and Lance W. Ahearn.

    Diana R. Glover to Alan S. and Lucinda M. White.

    William J. and Diana R. Glover to Lucinda M. White.

    David P. Christie to Kathleen M.. Christie.


    Town of Monroe to Michael Seekins.


    Jessica N. Martin to Corie L. Skidgell.

    Damariscotta Bank & Trust Company, Freda L. Drinkwater and Tanya N. Yeaton to Damariscotta Bank & Trust Co.

    Damariscotta Bank & Trust Co. to Shawnarae Drayton.


    Jacqueline M. Benjamin to Jacqueline M. Benjamin.

    Jacqueline M. Benjamin to Jacqueline M. Benjamin.


    Elizabeth C. Breslin EST to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

    Wanda L. Richardson EST to Patricia Tibbetts Jones.

    Emily S. Berry-Moore and Christopher A. Moore to Wendy M. and John A. Krueger.

    Chester E. Sheldon to Chester E. Sheldon, Chester E. Sheldon Jr., and Traci Sheldon.


    Kathy A. Tesseo and Michael A. Tesseo Sr. to Marnie Allen.


    Edwin A. and Gloria E. Harriman to Lorraine J. Harriman.


    Claire M. and Robert R. Young to Alan Peters.

    Nick & Jamis Properties LLC to Katherine C. and Andrew M. Bailey.

    Stockton Springs

    Daniel J. and James R. Contant to James R. and Gail M. Contant.

    Judith H. and Michael M. Warren to Michael M. Warren.

    Judith H. and Michael M. Warren to Judith H. Warren.


    Richard Gagne to Ellen A. Gagne.

    Ellen A. Gagne to Michael A. Tomanelli.


    Gerald R. Amelotte to Mechanics Savings Bank.

    Christopher L. Mayhew, Megan J. Robinson, and Megan J. Mahew to Albert C. and Denise L. Nickerson.


    DAE Investment Properties LLC to Three Hundred Sixty Three Main ST LLC and 363 Main ST LLC.


    Joseph M. and Ella E. Nickerson to Sonja J. Abbott.


    Frank R. Seger to Chasity L. Strout.

    Kyle I. McCrum to Kyle I. and Natasha M. McCrum.

    Joshua Kinson to Rebecca Lynch.

    Jacob R. Merrill to Mackenzie P. Mercier and Joshua D. Hancock.

    William I. Smith and Geraldine Dodson-Smith to Smith Family Property Holdings LLC.

    William I. Smith and Geraldine Dodson-Smith to Smith Family Property Holdings LLC. 

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