Waldo County deed transfers

Thu, 11/30/2023 - 9:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 5-10. 


    Rebecca M. Osborne and Rebecca M. Slaughter to Ezekiel F. and Elijah J. Slaughter. 

    Martha L. Packer to Martha L. Packer. 

    Claudia D. Marshall Irrevocable Trust to James J. Martin II.

    Ezra B. Kao to Benjamin T Wood and Rachel M. Picone. 

    Laurie J. Robertson and David P. Grasso to Laurie J. Robertson & David P. Grasso Living Trust. 

    Robert A. Hughes III to Grace S. and James Seekins. 

    Jannette C. Banks to Florence K.B. Demaio and Richard L. Servidio. 

    Faith A. Ingersoll, Faith A. Von Itter, Gabrielle J. Von Itter, and Gabrielle J. Vicnaire to John L. Fontana and Elizabeth Dodson. 


    Ricky S. Gibbs Est. to Tonya L. Peters. 

    Francis E. Folscher Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Richard Giberson. 


    Jason O’Brien to Joshua Trask. 


    Josephine McNeil and Gaetano Manetta to Stacy M. and Frederick C. Brown. 

    John L. Ellingwood Sr. to Michael Gallucci Jr. and Laura Gallucci. 


    David W. Bridges Sr. to Paul C. Bridges. 


    Craig R. and Melissa L. Olson to Janet A. and Andrew G. King. 

    Peter C. Truslow to Peter C. Truslow Trust. 

    Peter C. Truslow to Peter C. Truslow Trust. 

    Philip T. and Donna T. Seymour to William N. Webber. 

    Matthew A. Sharp to Michael J. Hutcherson and Pamela E. Larson. 

    Gordon Best and Peter R. Clifford to Roland A. Littlefield. 


    Gordon Best, Peter R. and Linda J. Clifford to Roland A. Littlefield. 


    Linda M. and Cary A. Nash to Cary A. & Linda M. Nash Living Trust. 

    Twenty Five Capital LLC to A&O LLC.


    Ellen A. Johnson to Ellen A. Johnson Realty Trust. 

    Ben S. and Patricia Stone to Segundo P. Daals Nemesio and Rosa M.C. Vargas. 

    Kimerly Cain to Kimerly J. Cain Living Trust. 

    Kimerly Cain to Kimerly J. Cain Living Trust. 

    Wayne B. Lanning to Wayne B. and Victoria G. Lanning. 


    Shawn R. Seekins to Margaret S. Schwarz. 

    Roberta Pieczenik to Malcolm E. and Amanda Wadsworth. 


    Geraldine C. Barnard Administrative Trust to Karen McCue. 

    Paul G. and Anne M. Kuhns to Paul Gregg & Anne Michele Kuhns Joint Revocable Trust. 


    Matthew Conlogue to Daniel Ouellette. 

    Daniel Oullette to Maurice A. and Dawn M. Haskell. 


    Christine A. and Wayne J. Mishou to Janine Colcord. 

    Darren K. Dunbar to Sherry A. Dunbar, Sherry A. Hersom, Latisha A. Baird, and Latisha A. Seekings. 

    Stockton Springs

    Linda M. Nash to Cary A. & Linda M. Nash Living Trust. 


    Christopher and Liza R. Lynch, and Elizabeth Anakkala to Judson C. and Chayann Colby. 

    David L. Young to Malcolm C. and Bonnie L. Young. 


    Robert W. Brennan and Barbara J. Adams to Michael A. and Kimberly D. Collins. 


    Donald L. Newell to VSM Properties LLC.

    James P. and Josephine E. Kenney to Josephine E. Kenney. 

    Alton B. Reynolds Jr. Est. to Kevin D. Bailey and Jessica N. Combs-Bufflington. 

    Josephine E. Kenney to Benjamin Kenney. 


    Edgar Beaumont III and Louis C. Beaumont to Fiddle Head Properties LLC.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com