Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 11/18/2023 - 11:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 23-27. 


    Jerry D. Marx and Susan Cole to Graham Sysko and Marilyn Collins-Sysko. 

    Chinda Rustanavibul, Wirawan Sungvian, and Wirawan Cankla to Samruay and Nutjarin Sukkasemsri. 

    Cara G. Guerrieri Trust Agreement and Francis D. Owen Trust Agreement to Old Belfast Opera House LLC. 

    Gemma Laser to Kimberly L. Frace and Nathan McCoy Frace.

    Ipswich Maritime Products Co. Inc. to Gerald and Carolyn Romelczyk. 

    Sally Sweezey to Lindsey Marshall. 

    Patricia Hagerty Revocable TRust to James R. and Vanessa Wodehouse. 

    John G. Boynton Est. to Rosie M. Boynton. 

    John G. Boynton Est. to Rosie M. Boynton. 


    Joseph A. Marble to Danielle Baird and Noelia McNew. 

    Samuel B. and Lynn A. Gaughan to Lynn A. and Samuel B. Gaughan. 

    John G. Boynton Est. to Rosie M. Boynton. 

    Rosie M. Boynton to Christopher J. and Lynn Boynton. 


    Jeffrey J. Nichols and Jeffrey J. Nichols Sr. to Jeffrey J. Nichols Sr. and Dorothy M. Nichols. 

    Meldon G. MacDonald to Meldon G. MacDonald Living Trust. 

    Michael P. Dickey to Jocelyn and Nathen Small. 


    Mary Ann B. Martino Est. to Brittney M. Martino, Lisa Houser, Dawn Chace, Guiseppe F. Martino Jr., Jonathan F. Martino, and Dawn Martino. 


    Tiffany S. and Nicholas Callahan, and Dillan Hoyt to Darrin and Brandi McCune. 


    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Russell Harris. 

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Claire to Tammy Reynolds. 

    Edwin C.S. and Bonnie R. Taylor to Edwin C.S., Bonnie R. and Elec D. Taylor. 

    Richard G. and Bonnie J. Arasz to David B. and Lorelei A. Ray.


    Anthony J. Weed to Mia Fabri. 

    Gregory L. Larsen to Taylor J. Benzie and Lauren H. Tribuzio. 

    McLellan Cottage LLC to Cara and Kenneth Daniels. 


    Patricia A. Gobin Smith, Patricia A. Gobin, and Patricia A. Jackson to Heather E. Crandlemire.


    Dead River Company LLC to 139 Searsport Avenue LLC and One Hundred Thirty Nine Searsport Avenue LLC. 


    Kenneth R. Smart to George Sommers. 


    Edwin F. Brown to Gary A. and Kayani A. Vannah. 

    Keith D. Grant to Lisa G. Stanford. 

    Elizabeth Herdrich to Jennifer Daddio and Joseph Duraes. 


    Nancy T. Wilkens Est. to Cynthia C. Wilkens. 

    Stockton Springs

    Robert, David C., and Victor L. Brooks to Clyde L. and Wendy J. Brooks. 

    Catharine Andresen to Eric W. and Carol G. Judson. 

    Farm At French's Point LLC to Robert N. Brooks.

    Nancy T. Wilkens Est. to Robin T.W. Snow and Joy D. Kearns. 


    Irene R. Littlefield Irrevocable Administrative Trust, Irene R. Littlefield Revocable Living Trust, and Irene R. Littlefield Living Trust to Maricia D. and Thomas A Caron. 


    Delta M. Cooper to Delta M. Cooper Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 


    Thomas P. Gabler Sr. and Thomas Gabler to Thomas B. Gabler. 

    Judy K. Fletcher to Angel M. and Thomas L. Fletcher. 


    Unity Rentals LLC to Justin K. and Katrina Tozier. 

    Daniel A. Gerry to Helen E. Gerry. 


    Russell C. Thorgerson to Keeli S. Wood. 


    Irma E. Nelson Est. to Christian D. McCue. 

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com