Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 09/19/2023 - 10:00pm

    BELFAST — The Waldo County Registry of Deeds recorded the following deed transfers Sept. 4-8. 


    Joseph T. McGill Est. to Christina Delsanto and Anthony Jacovino. 

    Charles A. Curtis Jr. and Maxine F. Curtis to Pamela J. McLean and Gregory A. Curtis. 

    Charles A. Curtis Jr. and Maxine F. Curtis to Pamela J. McLean and Gregory A. Curtis.

    Amber R. and Larry D. Riggins to C&O Investments LLC.

    Ronald E. ad Carol I. Harrell to Harrell Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 


    Paul W. Nickerson to Nickerson Hill Farm Family Limited Partnership. 

    Jon S. and Shawn I. Caron to James D. Fellers. 

    Jon S. and Shawn I. Caron to James D. Fellers. 


    John D. and Denise M. Wyman to Jennifer and Vaughn Hutchings. 

    Adaline F. and William M. Tustin to Thomas and Mandy Byron. 

    Nicholas Gantner to Showcase Homes of Maine Inc. 

    Clayton L. Sims III and Patricia L. Sims to Douglas M. and Lori A. Sims. 


    Neil M. and Joanna G. McPhee to Hanlon Kelley and Noah Dillard. 


    Philip B. Clayton to Michael and Marj Clayton. 

    Deborah W. Techentin Est. to Marshall Point Lodge LLC. 


    Tanya J. and Michael E. Braley to Eric Braley and Shauna Randall. 


    Edward D. Turner to Edward D. and Beatrice E. Turner. 

    Ronald and Kathleen McGlinchey to John C. and Lillian M. Ficker. 


    Jan Lamont-Rodonets to Jan Lamont-Rodonets, Brian Rodonets, Devon M. Richardson, and Courtney B. Rodonets. 

    William T. McCarriston Jr. and Laureen A. McCarriston to Michael J. Calaway and Karen A. Coombs.

    Joshua E. Blaisdell to Isaac B. and Cedar M. Parker.  


    Alexander Morfogen to Austin Boyle and Hayley Treml.


    Donna L. Nason and Karen N. Bunker to Thomas H. Friedman and Mary Ryan.

    Norma Sheldon to Traci Sheldon and Chester E. Sheldon Jr. 


    Loren E. Bagley to Amy Philbrook.

    Mark and Melissa Strang to Yvonne A. Brice. 

    Dennis W. Hale Jr. to TFD77 Revocable Trust Agreement. 

    Stockton Springs

    Stephen R. Devlen to James Dolbear. 


    Charlotte M. Kerrigan to Cory R. and Heidi L. Seekins. 

    Charlotte M. Kerrigan to Brad Lindelof. 


    Deborah A. Price to Harry F. Ward Jr. and Debra L. Ward. 

    Debra L. Ward and Jarry F. Ward Jr. to Deborah A. Price. 

    Wellington Way Properties LLC to Robert Schaper. 

    Nicole J. Olson to Theodore and Lisa Kennedy. 

    George J. Matula Jr. and Judith S. Matula to Gregory and Pamela Salokangas. 


    Robert E. and Margaret R. Treat to Kimberlee K. and Seth McCarson. 

    Lemuel M. Clark Est. and Joshua M. Clark Est. to Kimberly A. Clark and Geraldine R. Clark Supplemental Needs Trust. 

    Geraldine R. Clark Supplemental Needs Trust and Kimberly A. Clark to Stephanie R. Worster, Joshua D. Clark, Jessica M. Davies, and Kimberly A. Clark. 

    Barry and Suzanne Fields to Robert W. and Kathlyn L. Blackmore.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com