Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 11/05/2022 - 6:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 28 - Nov. 4. 


    Maclaren Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Richard C. Maclaren.

    Maclaren Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Robert B. and Kathleen S. Maclaren.

    Thomas W., Danielin P., and Richard W. Hawksley to Edward Morin. 

    Diane and George A. Witham to David F. and Mary E. Martinelli. 

    Gary and Mary Guidon, and Nicole Macleod to Richard P. Rumney Living Trust. 

    Richard P. Rumney Living Trust to Gary and Mary Guidon, and Nicole Macleod. 


    Richard S. Lenfest Est. to Alexandra B. Lenfest. 


    Primrose Hill Properties LLC to Maya 352 ME LLC.

    Oak Hill Hops Inc. to Michael and Marina Schwimmer. 


    South Horseback Road Realty Trust to Dale A. Thomas Jr., and Patsy B. James J., and Catherine E. Thomas.

    Dale A. Thomas Jr. and Patsy B.A. Thomas to Dale A. Thomas Jr. & Patsy B.A. Thomas Living Trust.


    David and Stephanie Millner to Demitri Lifgren and Krystal Boley. 


    Auction Realty Inc. to Matthew R. Grotton Jr. and Summer D. Grotton. 

    Derek Wilson and Charlene Grotton to Alexander Fraser. 


    Lisa Train to Little House LLC.

    Islesboro Islands Trust to Howard N. Krum to Mary M. Sloan. 

    Clifford R. Houle to Clifford R. and Laura L. Houle. 

    Ann Stuart Montgomery to Lee S. Montgomery and Holly M. Rutland. 


    John L. Nowinski to John L. and Kimberly A. Nowinski. 

    Wayne E. and Susan E. Turner to Wayne E. and Susan E. Turner. 

    Shirley Smith to 74 Marshall Shore Road LLC and Seventy Four Marshall Shore Road LLC.

    Gary Gogerty to Spiro A. Drakatos and Rosalie A. Lopresto Drakatos. 

    Ruth E. Rhodes to Jessica Lecaptain. 

    Marguerite Taylor Signe, Joel Stettenheim, Elisabeth M. Ross, and Ian L. Taylor to Donald R. Foster and Patricia Jewett. 


    Donald L. and Kelly E. Benson to Elise M. Kaserman and Arthur E. Allen. 

    Penelope Park Chrysler Revocable Trust to Charles E. Bryant II and Ann C. Bryant. 

    Richard and Kandise Butler to Jay T. Zlotkowski. 

    Crossroads Community Baptist Church to Dominic Fontaine. 

    Joan M. Hudson Larrabee to Brad Hudson. 


    Howard M. Whitcomb to Emery L. Whitcomb. 


    Dolores F. Knight to Maryann K. Ekberg. 

    Roberta Robbins to Jeffery M. Flagg. 


    Bank of New York Mellon Tr. and NovaStar Mortgage Funding Trust to Gayle Denaco. 

    Dale L. Nealey to Gregory S. Wight. 


    Neal R. Klawson to Neal R. Klawson Revocable Trust. 

    Jack S. Giguere to Kirk A. and Judy L. Sherman.

    Cortney Gould and Cortney E. Pierce to Randy C. Durham and Heather Bassett. 


    Christopher L. and Dinah G. Kierstead to Woody’s Run Lake House LLC. 


    Judson C. and Chayann Colby to Ryan A. Connor. 

    The Town of Searsport to Aaron Fethke. 

    Stockton Springs

    Mark M. Thomas and Adele K. Simpson to Corey V. Evans. 

    Peter and Pamela Robbins to Scott F. and Christine M. Page. 

    Frank and Kristen Sulka to David and Donna M. Newell. 

    John D. and Debra B. Austin to Gregory R. Austin.

    Cynthia W. Reynolds to Walter Stebler 

    Denise L. Davis to Brian J. Pendoley. 

    Marble Family Irrevocable Trust to Mariah Donnellan and Benjamin Zukerman. 

    Curtis W. Larrabee to Jessie Letoureau.

    Joan M. Larrabee to Deana and Robert Hudson. 


    Amanda G. and Benjamin A. Sawyer to Jason S. Stevens and Emily Zimmermann. 


    Ginger Hegstrom to Kathryn E. Wright. 


    Peter J. Furrow to Anthony B. Furrow. 

    Wilcox Real Estate Trust to Brian C. Wilcox.


    Jason W. Johnson to Jason S. Cherry. 

    Judith D. Trundy to Alan B. and Maria Lothrop. 

    Deborah L. Bryant and Diana Davis to Michael Stone. 


    Kikue M. Stephenson Est. to Brenda L. Merritt. 

    Roderick E. Ronco to Zenon P. Mineo. 

    Aju and Maribel Varghese to Lael Inc.