Waldo County deed transfers

Wed, 11/02/2022 - 10:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 19-27. 


    RTWB LLC to Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc. 

    Geraldine R. Holland Est. to Nicholas P. Cullen and Daniel Martel Tarr. 

    Matthew and Florence M. McEneaney to Cliff R. and Joan S. Willey. 

    Nancy Reed Tillett Revocable Trust to 5 Ashley Drive LLC and Five Ashley Drive LLC. 

    Jean Anne Mahoney-Morse Est. to Valerie A. Huggins. 

    Nicholas I. Pye to Jennifer N. Pye. 


    David N. and Teresa Potvin to Michael, Linden L., and Moncia Potvin. 

    David E. Cushman Jr. to Ella Boggio. 

    Bonnie J. and Kerry A. Bowden to Adam Reed-Hall.


    VRTMG Asset Trust, and U.S. Bank National Association Tr. to John Pranio. 


    Michael Gipson, Vicki R. Berry, and Vicki Gipson to Vicki R. Berry. 

    George, Heather, George A.J., and Heather M. Sevigny to Jessica L. Yang and Matthew Benson. 


    TD Bank NA to Earl Anderson. 

    Emma Clark to Emma Clark and Howard Whitcomb. 

    Muriel E. Martin to Muriel E. Martin, Demian and Timothy Hopper. 


    Merle S. Pendleton Est. and Jean M. Pendleton Est. to Audrey P. Berry. 

    Mark V. Schnur to Islesboro Affordable Property. 

    Gretchen M. Ellis Est. to Fred M. Ellis. 

    Fred M. Ellis to Fred M. and Kathleen C. Ellis. 

    Eileen M. Bayer to Gary M. and Elizabeth A. Evans. 


    Leah I. Wentworth to John P. and Rhonda D. Wentworth. 


    Fred R. Coryell Est. to Steven and Bruce R. Coryell. 


    Carrie Peavey to Beth Ann Cohen. 

    Richard D. Cleaves to William G. Cleaves Jr. 

    William G. Cleaves Jr. to Richard D. Cleaves. 

    Alexander W. Cleaves to William G. Cleaves Jr. 

    William G. Cleaves Jr. to Alexander W. Cleaves.


    Northpoint Lincolnville LLC to Samuel Cantlin and Jarica Weed.

    Northpoint Lincolnville LLC to Walter Lamont Jr. 

    Linmar LLC to Merat Company. 

    Kristel J. Nawrot to Kristel J. Nawrot. 


    Wayne A. Grotton Est. to Mykenna and Vanessa Grotton, and Miranda Doughty. 


    Liza Ann Fleming to Sandra J. Place. 


    Lisa M. Turner and Lisa M. Wilson to Lori C. Howard and William R. Howard Jr. 

    Bernard Hennessey to Jon M. Poto.


    Sharon K. Nichols to Christopher C. Fallon. 

    Nancy A. Saban Est. to Jason and Danielle Ridley. 

    Ronald T. Townsley to Nicholas T. and Melissa M. Fortune. 

    Cindy Lou Casey, Ronald M. and Linda L. Farnham to Michael J. Magno. 

    Judy L. and Kirk A. Sherman to David and Marisa Holland. 

    Melinda and Matthew R. Grotton to James Nash. 

    Neal R. and Theresa H. Pottle to Kenneth N., Neal R., and Theresa H. Pottle. 


    Robert F. Kelley Sr. Est. to Merl B. Annis III, Ryan M. Annis, and Kristen K. Dickison. 

    Keisha L. Evans, Keisha L. Robertson Evans, and Alexander M. Evans to Luke A. and Jessica D. Wade. 


    Monica Johnson to Toni Clark.

    Todd Colwell to Michael Murray.

    Zona Fuller and Zona Pollard to Maine Strategic Ventures LLC.


    Emma J. Clark to Emma Clark and Howard Whitcomb. 

    Michael J. Genewicz to Loc Vo Quang Nguyen and Kathryn R. Nguyen. 

    Diane J. and James Nute to Matthew E. Campbell. 

    Janice and Richard B. Pierce to Benjamin and Lori Pearson. 

    Stockton Springs

    Thomas W. Donaldson to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.


    Robert D. Weaver to Doreen L. Littlefield. 

    Robert D. Weaver to Sharon W. Peavey. 

    John C. Brady Living Trust to Michael Robinson and Krissy Jackson.

    Ivan Ray and Martha S. Zimmerman to Nathan and Elizabeth Zimmerman.

    Ivan Ray and Martha S. Zimmerman to Kevin and Lydia Zimmerman. 

    April D. Reeves and Curtis J. Mathewson to Caleb Raven. 

    Susan H. and John M. Cotter to Charles Masoomian.

    Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Alexandra D. and Michael Burge to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC.

    John D. and Rhonda D. Wentworth to Gerson and Ella R. Velasquez, and Titusand Maria Gingerich. 

    Carolyn S. and Richard A. Goyer to Richard & Carolyn Goyer Living Trust. 

    Arlen Duncan II and Cindy Seidman to Cathleen McMahon.