Waldo County deed transfers

Sat, 11/30/2019 - 6:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Oct. 28 - Nov. 8. 


    Norman C. Blake Administrative Trust to Kevin W. And Dianne J. Blake. 

    Syrena T. Gatewood to Eileen S. Gatewood and Edward Mattson. 

    Fukiko Shell to Michael Shell. 

    Cynthia G. Sterling to Cornerspring Montessori. 

    M.G. Properties LLC to Evan and Alana Hutchins. 

    Midcoast Development LLC to Lanahan Lozuaway  Revocable Trust. 

    Harvey S. Knight to Linden D. and Heather L. Frederick. 

    Marjorie E. Arnett to Molly H. Ahrens. 

    Linda S. Buckmaster to Marjorie E. Arnett. 

    Agnes G. and Randall W. Harvey to Harold G. and Marcia A. Richardson. 

    Joan C. Monico to Dwayne and Lisa Sambrook. 

    Rodney D. and Donna G. Helmers to Gary and Ellen Louise Roughead. 

    David H. Moulton to David H. and Evelyn Moulton, and David H. Moulton II. 

    Katherine M. Riposta to Mark B. and Pamela H. Riposta. 


    Sandman LLC to Vendue LLC. 

    Glenice M. Cookson Living Trust to Hannah A. Hill and Christopher R. Josselyn. 

    Brian A. Staples to Brian A. Staples and John L. Richards Sr

    Vendue LLC to Stacy Leafstrong. 


    Alison J. Curtis and Alison J. Felton to Nicholas and Victoria Sola. 

    Rodger V. Littlefield to Michael L. Littlefield and Amanda L. Gillis. 

    Ruth E. Sawyer Est. to Terry Sawyer. 


    Hayley M. Bickford to Hayley M. Bickford and Holly J. Humphrey. 

    Arvid P., Roger L., Wendell S., Charles E., and Sheldon B. Bacon to Sheldon B. and Kelli Bacon. 

    Sheldon B. Bacon to Arvid P., Charles E., Roger L., and Wendell S. Bacon. 


    Sara M. Gross and Sara Trask to Brent A. Baker. 


    Federal National Mortgage Association and Patricia L. Sylvia to Federal National Mortgage Association. 


    Paul F. Mickey Jr. to Paul F. Mickey Jr. Trust. 

    Temple Family Realty Trust to Diane Keehner, Duncan, Dale, and David Temple, and Donna Seymour. 

    Diane Keehner, Duncan, Dale, and David Temple, and Donna Seymour to Osprey Vantage LLC.

    Ruby A. Rolerson Est. to Barn Home LLC. 

    Roxanne M. Leighton to Roxanne McCormick Leighton Living Trust. 


    David Richard Laakso Est. to Richard Anthony. 

    Rebecca E. Devereaux to John Patrick. 


    Terri Depalma to Linda G. Bissell.

    Town of Knox to Clifton L. Littlefield. 


    Ronald T. Townsley to Joshua R. Townsley. 

    Rose and Rosamond Adolette Goldman to Laurie L. and Michael L. Palmer. 

    Town of Lincolnville to Doris T. and Edward J. Moran. 

    Kenneth L. and Laurel E. Ames to Raymond and Barbara Degrassi. 

    Kathleen M. Massaoli and Louann B. Bailey to Ramsay H. Slugg Revocable Trust. 

    Edward W. Mahoney to John Yandell. 

    Cynthia A. Lugate to William J. Carroll and William S. Carroll. 


    Mark and Tessa Batchelder to Allen and Jennifer Weaver. 

    Town of Monroe to Chester Barnes and Chester Barnes Hrs. 

    Sean T. Donovan to Stephen E. Donovan and Martha J. Goodsell. 

    Carol J. Frost to Libby M. Emerson. 


    Peter G. Falardeau to Doris and Asher Gifford. 


    Ronald A. and Sharon A. Benjamin to Dianne M. Drake. 

    Doris B. Herbert Est. to Scott W. Herbert. 

    Willie R. Leach and Lisa R. Tapley to Raelee T. Heath and Warren A. Heath III. 

    Gregory and Andrea Thayer to Brian D. Simmons. 

    Denise A. Sakal to Megan E. Chaples. 

    Denise A. Sakal to Megan E. Chaples. 

    Robert O. Lee to Daniel J. Faraone and Helen K. Segel. 

    Showcase Homes of Maine Inc. to Tanya D. Flood and Leon W. Mitchell. 


    Robert W. MacArthur and Robert W. MacArthur II to Diane & James Huning Revocable Trust. 

    Todd N. Krevi to Christine Martens. 

    Kevin A. Miller, Carissa A. Bielamowicz Miller, and Carissa A. Bielamowicz-Miller to Diane and John Bielamowicz. 

    Edward E. Leary Est. to Shannon M., Edward S., and Frank P. Leary. 


    Sharon L. and Myles Bailey to Myles R. & Sharon M., Edward S., and Frank P. Leary. 

    Millard A. Howard Est. to Avery Glidden. 

    NS162 LLC, Roy E. Lucier, Dennis W. Sturges, and Dennis W. Sturges Est. to NS162 LLC. 

    Van Horn Family Trust to Edgar and Patricia Van Horn. 

    Edgar W. and Patricia A. Van Horn to Nick and Wayne W. Plummer. 

    Pamela J. Carey to Pams Iron Ore Point Trust. 

    David J. Strout to Davids Iron Ore Point Trust. 

    Jean A. Archambault, Archambault Trust, and Donna E. Archambault to Jenelle J. and Paul Mullen. 


    American Financial Resources Inc. to Joseph Sharkey. 


    Ralph B. Jackson to Tracy L. Harford and Bridget M. Cook. 

    Tracy Harford and Bridget M. Cook to Ralph B. Jackson. 

    Fox Meade Equine Center LLC to Dream Big Equestrian LLC. 

    Pennymac Holdings LLC to PMC REO Financing Trust. 

    PMC REO Financing Trust to Lacy and Matthew Decoteau. 


    Searsport MHP LLC to KE1 LP.

    Peter Wing to Michael A. and Terrie A. Seekins. 

    Joan M. Faulkingham to Darren K. Dunbar. 

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to John Richards Sr. and Brian Staples. 

    Robert W. Brown to Timothy A. Green and Sarah E. Vail. 

    Angelica P. and Scott A. Larrabee to Edith K. Kershner. 

    Alana J. Rowe to Dennis E. Corey Jr. 

    Craig R. Perkins and David A. Thompson to David P. and Patricia G. Kennan. 

    Jonathan Ferreira and Sadie Alley Ferreira to Daniel and Gloria Gallagher. 

    Stockton Springs

    Barbara Randlett to Bruce, Carol, and Carol A. Guimond. 

    Christopher C. and Diane-Marie S. Colby to Linda M. Nash. 

    Perry L. Shute to Wesley B. Shute. 

    Timothy and Constance Woitowitz to Kurt A. and Rebecca Kirkland. 

    Myrtle F. Pendleton to Deborah A. and John E. Walden. 

    Daniel D. and Barbara S. Roberson to Jeffrey B. and Jodie Stout. 

    Raymond L. Fausel and Dianne J. Johnson to Kirk P. Linder. 

    Donna L. and Robert J. Hanish to Helen Naylor. 

    M.G. Properties LLC to Debra Wallace. 


    Marlene Harvey to Amanda Harvey. 

    Brent M. Macleod to Gregory and Julie Morse. 


    Christina M. Kostusyk, Christina M. and Matthew J. McSpadden to Josh L. Miller. 

    Diana M. Stewart to Ceirra L. Hatch. 


    Casey D. Wooley to Christopher L. Bouchard. 

    Justin Snow and Jared Flewelling to Wayne and Darlene Charrier. 

    Paul W. Peaslee Est. to Rebecca E. Ruth. 

    Stanley A. Luce and Jennifer L. Wixson to Anne Piecuch and Douglass S. Hoover. 

    Sara E. Rafuse and Sara E. Converse to Matthew A. Converse.


    Elizabeth J. Gross Trust Agreement and Michael E. Gross Trust Agreement to Karen A. Begin. 

    Diane B. Hull to David C. and Patricia L. Walbert. 

    Melissa Bastien and Jean Bourg to Unity Kitchen LLC. 


    Michael J. Knights II and Christy R. Knights to Ashley N. Hurd and Jared E. Lenfest. 

    Maineley ORG LLC to Ashley C. Baillie and John M. French. 

    Benjamin D. Ginn to Benjamin D. and Sonya R. Ginn. 

    Amanda L. and Jeremy C. Rollins to Christy R. Knights and Michael J. Knights II. 

    1900 Capital Trust II, One Thousand Nine Hundred Capital Trust II, U.S. Bank Trust National Association Tr., and Charles Gale to 1900 Capital Trust II and One Thousand Nine Hundred Capital Trust II.

    Ashley J. Morin and Ashley J. Wyman to Ashley J. Morin. 

    Kevin J. and Zina M. Black to Nicholas J. Hickey and Sierra A. Wood Hickey. 

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