Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 2:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Sept. 30 - Oct. 11.


    Virginia M. Cressey to Barbara A. Plummer. 

    Kathleen A. & Jeffrey Stevens Trust to Kathleen A. and Jeffrey Stevens. 

    Kathleen A. and Jeffrey Stevens, Gareth J. Littlefield, and Charles L. Field to Kathleen A. and Jeffrey Stevens. 

    Kathleen A. & Jeffrey Stevens to Gareth J. Littlefield and Charles L. Field. 

    Jean E. Brown to William Gilliland and Heather P. Wolfe. 

    James Beck to Christopher J. Pinchbeck. 

    Klaimon Revocable Living Trust to Samantha J. Causon and Richard H. Phillips. 

    Kenneth H. Kemp Administrative Trust to Barbara June Le Lievre Trust. 

    Reginald C. Beland to Rodney D. and Donna G. Helmers. 

    Gary L. & Melba D. Fisher Revocable Living Trust to Brandi Ludden. 

    Robin Lewis to Carl and Terry Cutshall. 

    Patricia Hagerty to Patricia Hagerty Revocable Trust. 

    Maria T. Comeskey and Maria A. Totaro to Fivekeys Trust. 

    Suzanne K. Lemieux to Hwaiyuh Jong and Jeffrey R. Lemieux. 

    Leslie R. Hills to Alan Y. Blood. 

    Virginia H. Burrows to Virginia H. Burrows Living Trust. 

    Alan Y. Blood to Troy C. Thomas Sr. and Sherry L. Thomas. 

    Robert P. Leblanc to Highview Terrace LLC. 

    Marian L. Snowman Est. to Lana Savage. 

    Bryon and Natasha James to Douglas W. Morrison. 


    Steven L. and Cathy S. Kenney to Jesse Kenney. 

    Jeanette D. and Jeannette D. Work to Craig H. Work. 

    Ellen B. Densmore to Oak Hill Hops Inc. 

    Teresa Downing and Teresa Leathers to Sharon M. Coolen. 

    Sharon M. Coolen to Sumer Bayer. 

    Sharon M. Coolen to Sumer Bayer. 


    Joan M. Hathaway and Joan M. Dubois to Sherri P. and Terrance J. Thornton. 

    Francis J. Pietlock Jr. to Clint H. and Laria R. Chase. 

    Roland G. Cook to Matthew Bolster. 

    Amanda M. Laffin to James Laffin Jr. 


    Coral Higgins Est. to Harry E. and Linda M. Patterson. 

    Josephine B. Harriman and Christopher E. Sossong to Robby C. Kissinger. 

    Douglas W. and Michelle A. McFarlin to Charity and Justin McFarlin. 

    Doris Tripp to David and Sharon Michaud. 

    Doris Tripp to Robert D. Tripp. 


    North East Point LLC to Brigham Point LLC. 

    Pripet Trust to Virginia Balentine. 

    Brock Living Trust to Carrie and Jeffrey Hurd. 


    Robert L. Libby Est. to Diane L. Libby. 


    Clifton L. Littlefield to Bessey Development Company.


    Charlotte P. Cushman to Patrick R. Ojeda and Sandra J. Swikard. 

    Charlotte P. Cushman to Patrick R. Ojeda and Sandra J. Swikard. 

    Charlotte P. Cushman to Patrick R. Ojeda and Sandra J. Swikard. 

    Jack A. Martin Jr. to Carrie Peavey. 

    Carrie Peavey to Jack A. Martin Jr. 

    Ronald T. Townsley to Keith B. and Laura D. Bruns, and Alice D. Sluss. 

    Lenora F. Bear to Carolyn C. McEvitt, Christine A. Hurt, and John J. and Mark S. Bear. 

    Town of Liberty to Kenneth E. Hire. 

    Loring J. and Lucille PEavey to Sheryl L. and Sharyn L. Peavey. 

    Jeffrey D. and Judith A. Angle to James A. and Colleen M. Sweet. 

    Norman W. Kirby to Augustine N. Fernandez. 

    Andrew B. and Kathleen B. Oliver to Nicholas A. and Patricia S. Pope. 

    Jerry L. and Renee L. Liabraaten to John R. and Susan L. Zacharias. 

    Kim A. and Ronald J. Moran to Harmony Rahkonen, Renee Rogers, and Heather Moran.

    Ronald J. Moran to Harmony Rahkonen, Renee Rogers, and Heather Moran.

    Abigail and Stephen Enggass to Lisa and Mark Maguire. 

    Samantha A. Eaton and Samantha A. Raposa to Samantha A. Eaton. 


    Jane T. Lawson Est. to George D. Lawson III Est. 

    Victor S. Whitcomb Est. to CTL Land Management Services Inc. 

    George D. Lawson III Est. to Alison Felton. 

    Andrew Donovan, Keisha M. Hartt-Donovan, and Keisha Donovan to Rebecca E. Devereaux. 


    T.R. Dillon Logging Inc. to Simply Maine Lane LLC. 

    William Sayre to Midcoast Conservancy. 


    Jaqueline M. Benjamin to Whitcomb Enterprises LLC. 

    Priscilla M. Place Est. to Matthew O. Corey. 


    Huntoon Bayside Trust to Gwendolyn L. Huntoon, Rasha and Nadim El-Jaroudi. 

    Lois Blauvelt and Lois E. Drinkwater to David R. Drinkwater. 

    Peter J. Rackliffe to Joel P. Rackliffe. 


    Anna M. Quatrucci and Anna M. Keller to Anna M. Quattrucci. 

    Arthur J. and Cynthia M. Dolben to Misty R., Michael T., and Patrick Gilheany. 

    Michael Macaskill to Dusty Haskell. 

    Donna Doolan to Stephen E. Haskell, Susan G. Cote, and Shirley A. Irish. 


    David T. Springer to Kasha K. Philbrook. 

    Town of Prospect to Scott L. Redmond. 

    Daniel A. Walker II, Daniel A Walker, and Daniel Walker to Lynn Spagnesi. 

    Gryphon and Zeke Golembesky to Edward Bridges. 

    Mary N. Quigley to Edward Bridges. 

    Matthew E. Golembesky Est. to Edward Bridges. 

    American Financial Resources Inc. and Karen A. Tracy to American Financial Resources Inc. 

    Charles E. Fairbrother Jr. to Travis Orcutt. 


    Sara McIntire Bryant and Sara J. McIntire to Michaelle and Christopher Capponi. 

    Alan A. Curry Est. to Susan L. and Neil Mackay, and Tyler A. Curry. 

    Neil and Susan L. Mackay, and Tyler A. Curry to Rochelle and Gabriela Soohey. 


    Amelia D. Cross to Aaron S. Talgo. 

    Kwinaskeag Trust to Samsara Memorial Trust. 

    Kwinaskeag Trust to Samsara Memorial Trust. 

    Kwinaskeag Trust to Samsara Memorial Trust. 

    Sonja R. Fickett and Joseph P. Lord to Christopher E. Sossong Sr. and Josephine B. Harriman. 

    Eve M. and Nicholas M. Sierra to Aaron D. Liakas and Valerie F. Philbrook. 

    William R. Parr to Turil Cronburg. 

    Michael E. and Romana J. Marden to Marden Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 

    Steven H. and Judith E. Kelman to Steven H. and Judith E. Kelman, Dayna J. King, and Kirsten A. Frausini.

    Corinne R. Blanchard to Andrea L. Merrifield. 

    Walter and Barbara Sexton to Tarun Johns. 

    Dana R. Lagassie to Mark M. Thomas. 

    Irene W. Parks Est. to Paul E. Parks. 

    Paul E. Parks to Kathleen Duffy. 

    Allan D. Bunker to Eve K. Dwyer. 

    Michelle Pilotte and Donal Tabbutt to Michael and Aaron Pilotte, and Donald and Myah Tabbutt. 


    Betsy C. Keidan to Betsy C. Keidan Revocable Trust. 

    Charles E. and Susan F. Meals to Susan F. Meals Living Trust. 

    Robert J. Pearson to Pearson Family Revocable Living Trust. 

    Robert J. and Benjamin Pearson to Pearson Family Revocable Living Trust. 


    Bristol L. Pitts to Bristol L. and Lyn B. Pitts. 


    Leonard and Penelope Crowe to Christopher L. Bouchard. 


    Kenneth M. and Jeanne E. Pratt to Daphne and David Manuel. 


    Kathleen Murphy and Susan Lauchlan to Susan Lauchlan and Kathleen M. Murphy. 


    Mandy K. Holway to William M. Oliver. 

    Mandy J. Holway and Mandy H. Oliver to William M. Oliver. 

    Shirley Manning to Kyle Manson. 

    Town of Winterport to Colby Clendenning. 

    Michael L. Nealley to Edward J. and Rowena C. Nealley. 

    Rodney Densmore Est. to Lindsey and Ryan Levesque. 

    Jessica S.T. and William B.T. Gower to David C. and Lauretta A. Kulp. 

    Joel K. Froding Est. to Janet B. Froding. 

    Daryl J. Densmore to Dorreen M. Mckeage. 

    Joseph Parise to Joseph and Sandra Parise. 

    Timothy E. Morin to Joshua J. Vance and Lacey M. Archer. 

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