Waldo County deed transfers

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 1:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds July 29 - Aug. 30. 


    John and Rosie Boynton to John H. and Penny W. Fountaine. 

    Linda J. Feeney to Stacy M. and Robert S. Schlensker. 

    Elwood L. and Timothy A. Merry, Melody Holmes, and Kristi S. Philbrook to Kristi S. and Alva E. Philbrook. 

    Philip J. Dulude and Donna D. Splaine to Abigail S. and Emily Dwinnells. 

    Leo S. Shea and Cecilia M. Brenner to Leo S. Shea Living Trust. 

    Laura M. Bergman to John W. Lennon. 

    James Rutland to Viking Inc. 

    Michael I. Lewis to Steego LLC. 

    Kenneth G. Kranz Est. to Mary Ellen Kranz. 

    Gary D. Stoffel to Sarah E. Stoffel. 

    Sarah E. Stoffel to Sarah E. and Alexander R. Stoffel. 

    John W. Lennon to Fiona and Jeffrey Doody. 

    Randall C. Ellis Est. to L. Sharon Hodge. 

    Douglas S. Given to Lyle Lemon and Kim S. Relick. 

    Jane H. Parrish Est. to Mary and Raymond Melton.  

    Linda L Smith to Gary E. and Jennifer L. Boynton. 

    Julie A. Scahfflinger to Brooke E. Bartlett and Heath B. Kneller. 

    Janet L. Whitney to Lisa M. and Thomas J. Milne. 

    David E. Noyes Est. to Sarah A. Ogle. 

    Leo F. and Brona L. Pelleriti to Warren Slotnick. 

    Brownie Irrevocable Trust to Elizabeth Whitman. 

    Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TR and RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust 2018/1 to Elizabeth M. Joy and Patricia M. Kelley. 

    Mary E. Kranz to Marcia P. Teichner Revocable Trust and Zaven Koltookian. 


    J.A., Jeffrey, and Catherine Burcham to John Leavenworth III. 

    Matthew and Stepheny Merando to Kyle Engstrom. 

    Kathy E. Lyons and Ray L. Morrison to Jared D. and Whitney Brown. 

    John R. and Dianne M. Long to John F. and Barbara F. Smith. 

    Cathy E. Brown Est. to Lewis H. Brown Jr. 

    Cynthia Shields to Catherine and Jeffrey Burcham. 

    Eugene R. Newton Jr. and Terry C. Newton to Gladys L. Avery Trust. 


    Scott W. and Alane D. Blanton to Catharine A. Carter. 

    Bank of America NA, Robert H. Richardson III, and Sonja R. Richardson to Bank of America NA. 


    Richard P. and Cheryl P. Raymond to Charles M. and Pamela J. McMaster. 

    Jacquelin A. Lockhart to Angela M. Bertrand. 

    John C. Derosby III and Elaine B. Derosby to Derosby Family Irrevocable Trust. 

    Mark Haskell and Mark W. Haskell to Donald E. Griffeth and Beverly J. Davis. 

    Sherlene B. Barnes to Matthew M. and Karol A. Kmon. 

    Craig R. and Sharon M. Littlefield to Amanda B. and Lacie T. Hammack. 

    Melissa S. Collins to Wayne Trafton. 


    Town of Frankfort to Jamie Lavin. 

    Dale and Mallory Schaafsma to Brian D. Files. 

    Seal Island Holdings LLC to More In Guns LLC. 

    Ly Ha to Kenneth Phillips. 


    Jason Wade and Erin Bennett-Wade to Nicholas J. Fasanella. 

    RMW Irrevocable Trust to Bruce Weik and Karin Eberhardt. 

    John C. and Elaine Derosby to David F. and Jane Pottle. 

    Linda A. and Patrick J. Brown to Darryl A. and Terry Poulin. 

    Derek Grenier to Holli J. and Lee D. Silva. 


    Cynthia B. Howland to Hilary Clark. 

    Raymond D. and Joan Lillie to Islesboro Islands Trust. 

    Mary E. Grinnell to Erik P. Tierney. 

    Waldemar Veazie III and Mary D. Veazie to Eric J. and Julie B. Cambra. 

    Willem Veldhuisen and Opstal Nienke Veldhuizen-Van. 

    Mena F. Holmes to Melinda J. and James R. Wysocki. 

    Robert L. Leach Living Trust and Connie Lyn Living Trust to Joshua Linscott. 

    Alexandria Wolff and Noah Peffer to Peffer Wolff Trust. 

    Kellie A Coombs, Kelly A. Fairfield, and Diane L. Rolerson to Benjamin E. and Krysti Zollman. 

    Sally J. and Susan J. Hutchins to Susan J. and Thomas J. Eicher. 

    Michael G. MacDougall to Boatie LLC. 

    Islesboro Pre-School to Stone Columns LLC. 

    Wanda M. Henry to Creek House LLC. 

    John E. and Jamie H. Barron to Islesboro Harbor View LLC. 


    George H. Klein to Jason Harding. 

    Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Paul S. and Stephanie A. Andrew to Pennyman Loan Services LLC. 


    Lewis F. Alley Est. to Justin P. Bearce. 

    Linda Purkiss and Linda Rank to Timothy Murphy. 

    Town of Knox to Albert I. Remsen. 

    Town of Knox to Ryann Kenny. 


    Dennis E. Ward to Donald E. McDonald Jr. 

    Lawrence C. Darby II and Elizabeth A. Darby to James J. and Mary J. Fortunato. 

    Dennis and Stacie McLean to Bobby-James G. and Kaitlyn M. O’Leary. 

    Robert W. White to Heather J. Bramlett and Cynthia W. Jones. 

    Peter W. Mainguy and Tim Trenker to Alexander W. Cleaves and William G. Cleaves Jr. 

    Peter W. Mainguy to William F. Cleaves Jr. and Richard D. Cleaves. 

    DEM Guys to Patrick J. Coon and Wynne H. Wirth.

    Richard D. Warren Est. to Joseph L. and Kathryn E. Meadows. 

    Town of Liberty to Donald P. Freeman Sr. and Vivian L. Freeman. 

    Town of Liberty to Jeffrey S. and Patricia A. Crawford. 


    Janet L. Valente to James & Debra Magiapane Joint Living Trust. 

    Janice I. Harwood to Joan T. and Michael J. Richardson. 

    Manley Hibbard Bailey Jr. Est. to David W. Langdon. 

    Susan M. Rocco-Fernau and Marlene A. Russell to Clifford and Mary N. Alley. 

    Nedra Bellows and James Murphy to Mary Jane Schotte. 

    Daniel L. Pendleton to Daniel L. and Marilyn M. Pendleton. 

    Randall J. and Christina A. Barrows to Truman Corporation and Turn-Key Homes of Maine. 

    Parker S. Laite Jr. to Parker S. Laite Jr. and Nanxcy L. Laite. 

    Broughman Builders Inc. to Sara L. and Trevor J. Mealy. 

    Cheryl L. and Gary Nevius to Cheryl and Gary Nevius.

    Cheryl and Gary Nevius to Frank J. Tift. 

    Barbara A. Biddle and Edgar W. Richardson to Alice E. and Philip E. Richardson. 

    Duncan G. Labay to Jeffrey Aeschlimann. 

    Janet M. Richards Est. to Jordan A. Barnett-Parker and Marissa L. Kelly. 

    Leah A. Patten Est. to Diane K. and William E. Patten. 

    Joan R. Shaw Est. to WM Gregg & Pennie D. Imus Family Trust. 

    Marie A. Pierce to Ryan A. and Siera Pierce. 


    Lynda L. Oliver Living Trust to Christine M., John P., and Patrick P. Wadden. 

    George S. Adams Corp to Mr. Waldo Construction Inc. 

    Town of Monroe to Bruce Frolock. 


    Annette H. and Gary L. Light, and Annette J. Nute to Annette J. and Gary L. Light.

    Kevin A. Hoover and Alyssa N. Reich to Samuel T. Brelsfoard and Stephanie FG. Hayes. 


    Catherine A. Herson to Peter C. Herson. 

    Woodrow M. Carter Est. to Jon and Penny W. Fountaine. 

    James B. Woodbury to Robert & Beverly Dutton Irrevocable Trust. 

    Kerry Woodbury to Robert & Beverly Dutton Irrevocable Trust.

    Cheryl M. Woodbury to Robert & Beverly Dutton Irrevocable Trust.

    Theresa L. Williams to Robert & Beverly Dutton Irrevocable Trust. 


    Rosie K. Boynton to Fred J. Cameron Jr. and Amy J.B. Cameron. 

    Erin and Michael T. Ramsey to Ramsey Joint Revocable Trust. 

    Erin and Michael T. Ramsey to Ramsey Joint Revocable Trust. 

    Town of Northport to Vernita Edwards. 

    SGM Holding LLC to Carly and Carl Zaniboni. 

    SGM Holding LLC to Glen M. McCloskey and Stephens R. Moss. 

    Joseph A. Tubio to Joseph A. Tubio and Laura Salinas Tubio. 

    Vernita J. Edwards to Ingrid Cook. 

    Nassau Broadcasting Holdings Inc. to Global Signal Acquisitions IV LLC. 

    Donald F. Sammis to Magnificent Seven Limited Partnership. 

    Susan K. Diamond to Mary E. Ireland. 

    Clair T. Fraser II to Michelle M. Nealey. 

    Jo-ann Nealey to Dale Nealey. 

    Jo-Ann Nealey to David W. & Sandra J. Gaylor Living Trust. 

    Betty L. and Eric Martinsen to Joshua E. and Tracey Y. Outerbridge. 


    Vicki S. French to Chesley Z. Williams and Matthew E. Dubay. 

    Linda E. Henderson and Linda E. Kiesow to Christopher D. and Daniel J. Solomon, and Alan W. and David A. Fricker. 

    Craig A. and Tracy J. Poulin to Charles A. and Julie E. Wing. 

    Lou-ann Grant to Kathleen Webb. 

    Deborah J. Schooley to Matthew C. and Diane D. Townsend. 

    Monte K. Sylvester to Justin K. and Katrina M. Tozier. 

    Bangor Savings Bank, Angela E. Jones, Angela E., and James A. Poulin to Michael Smith. 


    Alfred S. Reynolds to Alfred S. and Linda B. Reynolds. 


    John M. Jackson to John M. and Cindy L. Jackson. 

    Herbert H. Hannah Est. to Brenda Hannan Hughes. 

    Morton D. Alling III to ALling Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust. 

    Caitlin and Mark Ray to Nathan and Sarah Milne. 

    Sprowl Bros Inc. to Town of Searsmont.

    Virginia Rimm to Marilynn J. Petit. 

    Town of Searsmont to Carmen Bristol and Martin Delgado. 

    Jenness L. Robbins to J.L. Robbins Trust. 

    Jenness L. Robbins to J.L. Robbins Trust. 

    Judith B. Warren Est. to Forrest W. Warren. 

    John N.L. Smith and Leith Smith to James H. Lott Jr. and Hannah A. Lott. 

    Richard W. Ames to Calvary Chapel Belfast. 


    Lori and William P. Terry to Johnida S. Dockens and Patrick E.T. Dockens. 

    Angela M. Doyle to Angela Marie Doyle Revocable Trust. 

    Town of Searsport to Robert Martineau, Janice E. and Longin C. Kijek. 

    Mary Seekins to Beau Seekins. 

    Christopher and Diane-Marie Colby to Gerald and Verna Goguen. 

    Edith M. Seekins Est. to Eric R. Seekins. 

    Laura Seaton and Laura Seaton Donnelly to Erica Hodgdon. 

    Margaret S. Fyfe to Margaret S. and Paul C. Fyfe. 

    Arthur Porter, Heidi and Robert Gordon to Heidi and Robert Gordon. 

    Barbara Ann Walker to Laurie L. Walker Jones, Dana B., and Barbara Ann Walker. 

    Michael A. Brown to Scott L. Redmond. 

    Dianne Egnor to Anita and Edward McLellan. 

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Sandy Ridge Homeowners Association. 

    Douglas C. and Gloria Smith to Stephen A. and Tonya A. Taylor. 

    Holly McFaul to Roger W. Smith. 

    Deborah J. Haywood to Robb Lee Monroe. 

    Betty B. and Lyle W. Johnson to Johnson Family Revocable Living Trust. 

    Charles K. Thompson to Jamie L. and Eric C. Thompson. 

    Baxter R. Cook Sr. and June E. Cook to Jedidiah C. and Tracy Colby. 

    Brandon J. Seekins and Christine A. Brassbridge to Dana A. Hayden and Pricilla M. Brown. 

    Town of Searsport to Charlie and Misty Lewis. 

    Stockton Springs

    Ryan E. Austin to Dana R. Lagassie. 

    Kenneth and Nancy T. Wilkens to Edwin A. and Mildred E. Rosso. 

    Shawn F. Smith to Katherine L. Hawthorne and Shawn F. Smith. 

    Richard W. Davis to Martin and Linda Bressler. 

    Shawn F. Smith to Karen L. Hawthorne and Shawn F. Smith. 

    Marjorie R. Fields to Scott W. Cook. 

    Adelia S. Borrasca to John P. and Sandra D. Stahler. 

    Mark E. Bacon to William J. Gillis and Harriet E. Clark. 

    Shirley J. Bishop and Sharon B.A. Shase to Christin Chase. 

    Sharon and Stephen Jancarek to Patty Ann and Timothy Wynn. 

    Paulina Joyce ti Lora L. and Robert F. Lindyberg. 

    Richard and Kandise K. Butler to Thomas F. and Barbara A. Babor. 


    John S. Bryant Sr. Est. to Raymond W. and Catherine J. Hall. 

    Dennis and Tina Merry to Stephen D. Clements Jr. 

    Bertram R. Brown Est. to Cynthia J. Boyles. 

    Janet E. Harford to Harford Family Revocable Trust. 

    Mark P. Lafleche to Sheldon R. Duncan. 

    Christopher M. Knowlton to Caitlin and Harold Merithew. 

    Bear Mountain LLC to Jason Cook. 

    Catherine J. and Raymond W. Hall to Karen A. Hall. 

    Dean Hustus to Tabitha Sprague. 

    Michael E. Wood Sr. and Michael E. Wood Jr. to Linda and Christopher Mcintire. 

    Leon W. Howard Jr. to Leon W. Howard Living Trust. 

    Lohman Gardiner Jr. to Baxter F. and Tristan J. Smith. 

    Joyce M. Page to Karen L. Page. 

    Thomas E. and Vicki L. Beal to Thomas E. Beal Jr. and Christopher J. Beal. 

    Jason Cook to Bear Mountain LLC. 

    Bear Mountain LLC to Jason Cook. 


    Patricia Grant to Vincent and Joseph Marotta. 


    Joanna D. and Ryan P. Conley to Katie Clark and Richard R. Robbins. 

    Paul C. Davis Est. to Derek T. and Brent J. Davis, and Shannon L. Ring. 

    Brent J. Davis and Shannon L. Ring to Derek T. Davis. 

    Laelia LLC and Catherine M. Mesaric to Laelia LLC. 

    Albert C. and Denise Nickerson to Jonathan L. and Meaghan L. Maro. 

    Cheryl D. and Richard P. Montana to Derek A. Swanson and Rebecca Boyce. 

    Walter S. Hacik to Michael E. and Theresa M. Bosco. 

    Micah L. and Stacey L. Whitaker to Marc L. Roberge. 


    Michael S. Penney to Marie Romito. 

    Alton Danford French Est. to Michael C. French. 

    Jolene U. Schillinger Erikson and Jolene U. Schillinger to Grady Keel Kemper. 

    Anthony J. Cost Family Realty Trust to Robert L. Peaslee. 

    Robert Couturier Est. and Robert Couturier to Robert R. Couturier. 

    Brian and Lynn Warman to Keith and Chrissy Hunter. 


    Patricia A. and William J. Donahue to Danielle M. and Grant L. Hines. 

    Kevin J. and Mikaela S. Wentworth to Tracy A. Cooley. 

    Debra A. Wellman to Nicole L. and Nicholas Clark. 

    John C. and Susan C. Fraser to Jaime and Robby Tardif. 

    Lawrence O. Foster Jr. and Suzanne N. Foster to Megan Field. 

    Doris M. Giddings Est. and Bonita M. Perry to Bonita M. and Joey A. Perry. 

    Delia A. Nass to Mikaila Bisson. 

    Jacquelyn McKenney to Derek T. Davis and Tisha R. Clark. 

    Richard A. Hamor Sr. Est. and Richard Alanson Hamor Est. to Holly L. Brown and Regina M. Mitchell. 

    Linnehan Acceptance to Tara J. Pelletier. 

    Diana Cammarata, Martin Petralia, and Thomas Petralia Jr. to Andrea R. and Michael A. Kervin. 

    Moira and Robert E. Myers to Amanda L. and Lance A. Ambrose. 

    Belinda D. Brewer to Kelly Pinckney. 

    Holly L. Brown and Regina M. Mitchell to Taylor R. Hamor and Brandon Brasslett. 

    Winterport DMEP LLC to Breakthrough Properties LLC. 

    Rose M. Dunton to Edward C. Russell. 

    Edward C. Russell to Ernest L. Colson.

    Erica Thoms can be reached at news@penbaypilot.com