Waldo County deed transfers

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 10:30pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds June 10-21. 


    Peter W. and Barbara J. Hall to Jonathan T. Guba. 

    Susan D. Hopkins and Susan D. Carlton to John F. Monroe. 

    Daniel L. Beckman and Amy M. Offermann-Sims to Suzanne Stone, Grant Corum, and Gerald and Bette Stone. 

    Raymond D. and Mary L. Melton to Chad E., Vickie W., and Richard M. Otis. 

    Kenneth H. Klemp Est. to Kenneth H. Kemp Administrative Trust. 

    Martha F. Klaimon to Klaimon Revocable Living Trust. 

    Mark R. Skinner and Michelle L. Ridley to April Skinner. 

    Shawn and Theresa Thyng to Matthew W. Chapman. 

    Rosamond C. Peters and Ronald M. Mitchell Jr. to B.L.F I LLC.

    Leslie Staples to Harriet Feld. 

    Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. and Claribel Marks to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB TW RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust 2018-1. 

    Ronald W. & Barbara M. Metcalf Family Trust to Timothy F. Poulin and Andrew C. Herrmann. 

    Devora Stager to Lydia Bolduc Marden. 


    Glenice M. Cookson to Glenice M. Cookson Living Trust. 

    Darlene Whitcomb and Randolph A. Whitcomb Sr. to Randolph Whitcomb Jr. and Lisa L. Whitcomb. 


    Gary and David Sheldon, and Jean C. Whitcomb to Marcia Ojala, Denise Loper, and Allison L. Littlefield. 

    Deborah L. Moody to Deborah L. and Michael D. Moody. 


    Erland Paul Bacon Jr. Est. to Arvid Paul Bacon. 

    Janet Nadeau and Earnie Rowell to Nathan J. Nadeau. 

    Wells Fargo Bank NA and Benjamin Pedersen to Wells Fargo Bank NA. 

    Claton R. Corriveau to Andrya Jameson-Pulaski and Casey A. Pulaski. 


    Jordan L. Wilbur to David M. and Shelly L. Wilbur.

    Danielle Kilroy to Colin S. Williams. 

    Deedra R. Davis Est. to Sean L. Davis.


    Laura Knight Patterson to Avian Haven. 

    Jesse and Angie M. Kenney to Driftwood Station Trust. 

    Brian L. Jones to Anni J. Outinen-Jones. 

    Paul R. and Kathryn M. Flynn to Brian L. Jones. 

    Perley I. and Joyce F. Sanborn to Craig Sanborn. 


    Diana S. Roberts to Diana S. Roberts and Stabley R. Pendleton. 

    Winthrop Williams Aldrich to Elizabeth Wolcott, Amanda Aldrich O’Bannon, and Alexander Livingston Aldrich. 

    Huntington Sheldon Marital Trust to Adelaide Keppelman Sheldon Revocable Trust. 

    Jon F. Kerr to Zachariah and Sherry Conover. 


    Jennifer S. Bailey and Jennifer S. Penney to M. Paul Palmer. 


    Lawson H. Billings Jr. Trust to Lawson H. Billings. 

    Alma C. Birmingham Est. to Thomas F. Birmingham. 


    Leslie Staples to Paul Staples. 

    Christa Trim to Christopher Trim. 

    Richard M. McLaughlin Est. and Patricia A. McLaughlin Est. to Joseph McLaughlin. 

    Vira M. Hayward to Scott A. and Jennifer A. McManus. 

    Marcia H. Roberts to Lund Family Living Trust. 

    Peter F. Neumann to Peter F. Newmann & Michele L. Deneys Living Trust. 

    James F. Batty Sr. and Estelle Batty to Christy J. Ketchel and Rand B. Jones Jr. 

    Two Brooks LLC to Randall E. Gebhardt June 29, 2016, Amended and Restated Trust. 


    John K., Susan G., John, and Susan Young to Danielle A. Gizzi Special Needs Trust. 


    Theresa Fischer to Duane S. and Dawne A. Southworth. 


    Paul and Amy Schachtner to Anna Voytek. 

    Robert & Judith E. Niemi Living Trust to Jeffrey R. and Lisa Niemi. 


    Thomas A. and Carol L. Latta to Thomas A. & Carol L. Latta Living Trust. 

    Clinton H. Condon Jr. and Susan C. Condon to Patricia D. Beliveau and Michael S. Horn. 

    Robert J. Flechtner to Andrew C. Mills. 

    Steven and Lisa M. Weitz to Steven Weitz Revocable Trust and Lisa Marie Weitz Revocable Trust. 

    Richard and Alismarie Parsloe to Ashley B. and Tamara Landry.


    Town of Palermo to Dale McKenney. 

    Town of Palermo to Louis Miller. 

    Town of Palermo to Kelton Glidden. 

    William R. Peebles III and Diannah R. Peebles to Jane Adams. 

    William R. Peebles III and Diannah R. Peebles to Travis and Christy Peters. 

    Thomas C. Pilsbury, Stanley A. York, Ralph F. and Susan M. Pilsbury, and W. Carr and Jane S. Hussey to Norman Elvin. 

    Bond-Dunn Family Trust to Anthony P. and Susan A. Arsenault. 

    Brainerd U. Rose to Troy O. and Valamica A. Labreck. 


    Roscoe L. Ryan Est. to Joseph M. Gallant. 

    Patricia V. and Patricia Johnson to Emily Olds. 

    Town of Prospect to Wayne McCorrison. 

    Town of Prospect to James J. Freeman. 

    JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Dean M., Dean and Joanne Wheeler to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association.n 

    James G. Hatch Jr. to Broughman Builders Inc. 


    Walter M. Lamont Jr. and Darcie P. Lamont to Walter M. Lamont Jr.


    Iva E. Kinney Est. to Delores Merithew. 

    Iva E. Kinney Est. to Delores Merithew. 

    Melinda J. Regnell and Roy Reed to Dawn Slaney Hill. 

    Nancy and Ronald A. Tufo to Charles T. Scovotti and Vonna Cook. 

    Vincent W. Teeney Est. to Andrew Gilbert. 

    Linda E. Yeomans to Shawn A. and Constance L. Myers. 

    Curtis W. Larrabee Living Trust to Mark A. Smith.

    Stockton Springs

    Diane Noah to Mark A. Smith. 

    Christopher and Mitchell Ellis, Karen Hux, Marie Spoon, and Fred and Thomas Ellis to Eugene E. Ellis. 

    Eugene Ellis to Mary E. and Lawrence G. Flynn. 

    Marilyn E. Shaver to Errol A. Schwartz. 

    Curtis W. Larrabee Living Trust to Curtis W. Larrabee. 

    Edgar E. Merrithew Living Trust to Roland and Frances Gross. 

    Wells Fargo Bank NA and Jessica J. Hall to Wells Fargo Bank NA. 

    Kim Decker Hammer to Laura Mullen. 


    Harry Patterson Jr., Linda, Troy, and Meagan Patterson to Duane and Cecile Seekins. 

    Northwoods Forestry Services LLC to Simply Maine Land LLC. 


    Town of Thorndike to John Brown. 

    Town of Thorndike to Lonnie B. and Kathleen L. Monroe. 

    The United States of America - HUD to Tanner J. and Logan Grant. 

    Paul A. and Dorene Elkins to Paul A. Elkins Living Trust. 

    Wade Bartlett to Jeffrey and Wendy Trafton. 


    Travis Veilleux to Liyang Zhu. 

    Lisa M. and John E. Ingraham to Benjamin Burton Springer. 

    Jonathan Occhiogrosso, Barbara J. Thompson, and Barbara Occhiogrosso to Barbara J. Thompson. 

    Louis V. Esposito to Ryan Parsons. 


    Panama Property Management Inc. to DAE Investment Properties LLC. 

    Town of Winterport to Paul L. Smith Family Trust. 

    Edward J. and Rowena C. Nealley to Sandra Nealley. 

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