Waldo County, deed transfers

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 4:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Feb. 4-14.


    Eric Schrader to Eric and Agnes A. Schrader.

    Lorna J. Woodward and Lee Woodward Jr. to Professional Services Center Belfast LLC.

    Michael Cunning and Elisabeth Wolfe to Debra K. Heitman.

    Goose River Properties Inc. to Nicholas Cabral.

    Linda N. and James A. Roberts, and James A. Roberts Sr. to James A. Roberts Jr.

    NRZ REO X LLC to Jarred Brown.

    John E. Rohde to Thomas C. Weber, Brinda Ramaswamy, and Judith Weber.


    Town of Belmont to Bruce and Gene Harriman.


    Matthew H. Hall Est. to Leah Kuehn.


    Ruth Puglisi to Philip Parker.


    Donald A. and Linda G. Durkee to Donald A. Jr. & Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust.

    Donald A. and Linda G. Durkee to Donald A. Jr. & Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust.

    Donald A. and Linda G. Durkee to Donald A. Jr. & Linda G. Durkee Revocable Trust.

    Maitland Alexander III GST-Exempt Family Trust to Courthouse LLC.

    M. Case Collins to Collins Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.


    Eugenia Handler to Eugenia Handler Living Trust.

    Devi Chandra to Joanne E. Pease.

    Walter E. Parady to Corrine M. Parady.


    William J. Brown to Lynn B. Tauss.

    Samuel Grinnell to Samuel D. Grinnell to Michelle T. Sommers.

    Craig S. and Jamie M. Thomas to John T. and Rae E. Brungardt.

    David Flanagan to Walter Lamont Jr.

    David Flanagan to Mathew Cushman.

    Heidi W. Wells and Heidi W. Hart to DuckTrapME LLC.

    Sharon L. Sampson to Sharon L. Sampson.


    Harold D. Moody, William E. Beaudry III, and Kenneth C. Andoscia to 85 North Road LLC and Eight Five North Road LLC.


    Laird D. and Elizabeth M. Townsend to Lisa Widoff.

    Jessica Browne to Duane S. and Dawne A. Southworth.


    Sharon Lee Bailey to Sharon Lee and Miles Bailey.

    Francis M. Gondek Est. to Sharon Lee Bailey.

    Bernice L. Bowdoin and Bernice S. Bowdoin to Bowdoin to Bowdoin Family Irrevocable Trust - 2019.

    Sandra J. Metcalf Living Trust to Sandra J. Metcalf Family Trust.


    Nina Colcord Revocable Trust to Terrance W. Leach II.

    Henri Gignoux to Henri Gignoux and Wendy Zimmer Gignoux.


    Come Spring LLC to KA Holdings LLC.

    David S. Cox to Frank and Lynn T. Fuschino.

    Jean C. Templeton to Guy A. and Vicki E. Hamlin.


    David R. Caswell to Andrew K. Grindel II and Maya Bryant.

    Roger F. Blake to Richard K. Robertson.

    Mary K. Schweikert Trust to David L. and Alexa W. Schweikert.

    Stockton Springs

    Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2006--HE7 to Joel Ploszaj.

    Shellie R. James to Willard R., Devin R., and Aaron S. Flynt.


    Lawrence L. Moses II to Harry Patterson Jr., Linda, Troy, and Meagan Patterson.

    Brian A. Littlefield and Cindy Farewell to Dexter P. Littlefield.

    Marica Gardiner and Marcia McKinney to Kirsten Nickles.

    Marcia Gardiner and Marcia McKinney to Anthony McKinney.

    Sheila A. Chandler to Bruce W. Chandler II, Mark K. and Jason S. Chandler.

    Mark Hamlyn to Arthur R. and Kathy L. Parker.


    Maine State Housing Authority to the United States of America - HUD.


    Larry W. Davis to Jonathan Janeiro and Jo Ann C. Reinhorn.

    Casey D. Wooley to Christopher L. Bouchard.


    Leroy T. Bradeen to Sylvena Bradeen Lowry, Sylvia Bradeen Lowry, and Rodney A. Bradeen.

    Justin L. Finn to John and Tina Becht.


    Wayne C. Tripp to Travis R. Higgins.

    Walter F. Demmons Sr. Est. to Steven J. and Melanie F. Clisham.

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