Waldo County, deed transfers

Mon, 02/11/2019 - 5:15pm

BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Jan. 21 - Feb. 1.


Robert E. and Jean M. Cole to Sherry F. Krum.

Stephanie K. Girvin to Leigh Dorsey and Dameon Colbry.

Laurene A. Wright Est. to Cheryl Baltrusch.

Laurene A. Wright Est. to Peter Wood.

Laurene A. Wright Est. to  Brenda W. Boulier.

Laurene A. Wright Est. to Michael R. Wood.

Raymond A. Lawrence and Stacia L. Hoover to Stacia L. Hoover.

Maris S. McKeller to Leslie Raymond and Stephen J. Langlois.


Kenneth L. Reed II to Monika Fekete.

Kennebec Lumber Co. to Mark L. Gilbert.


Dr. Huntington Sheldon Revocable Trust to Huntington Sheldon Marital Trust.

Maitland Alexander III Est. to Maitland Alexander III GST-Exempt Family Trust.


Earl S. Bowles Sr. to Earl Bowles Jr. and Carleena Bhaduri.


Daniel A. and Jane P. Bennett to Adam W. and Stacy L. Pierce.

Matthew Bixby to Kimberly Prior and Scott Guidi.

Robert L. Black Jr. Marital Trust to Helen H., Charles L., Christopher M., Samuel P., and Daniel P. Black.

Deanna J. and Peter M. Hartel, and Deanna J. Eaton to Deanna & Peter Hartel Living Trust.


Edwin H. Vernonesi to Edwin H. Vernonesi Irrevocable Trust.

Edwin H. Vernonesi to Edwin H. Vernonesi Irrevocable Trust.

Richard S. Luczai to Richard S. and Nancy W. Luczai.


Ruby L Elwell Est. to Dewroy Wilson.

Deborah and Deborah F. Ferrante to Saturday Cove LLC.

Nancy Roth Remington and Thomas F. Remington to Remington Revocable Living Trust.


Timothy S. and Catherine A. Turner to Timothy Tapley Turner and Robert C. Turner.

Town of Palermo to Lester N. Pease.

Herbert H. French to Cynthia French.

Cynthia A. French to Jon M. Garrity and Elizabeth A. Spence.

Keeley French to Jon M. Garrity and Elizabeth A. Spence.

Breana S. French Special Needs Trust to Jon M. Garrity and Elizabeth A. Spence.


Harold E. and Angela R.M. Porter to Joseph M. Rego.

Walter E. Rollerson Trust to Matthew Nason.

Clifford Alley, Mary Noel Alley, and M. Noell Alley to Mary E. Gallant.


Timothy O’Neil and John Devine to Timothy O’Neil.


George Kimmerly Jr. and Helen M. Kimmerly to Opportunity Enterprises.

Bianchi Charitable Remainder Unitrust to David A. Goldschmitt.

James B. Batey III and Cynthia D. Batey to Charles Costello.

United States of America - HUD to Sheryl Schaub.

Sheryl Schaub to Destioney R. Pinkham.

Bank of New York Mellon Tr., NationStar Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-B to John Sullivan.

Midcoast Ventures LLC to Richard B. and Janice Nickerson.

Stockton Springs

David R. Hargrove and Martha D. Tucker to Meredith and Francis Domurat.

Mary Gallant to Vernard I. and Alice S. Adams.

Charles S. Costello Jr. to Louis S. and Linda Liste.

Michael W. Coito and Wendy Merry to Prof-2013-S3 Legal Title Trust V and U.S. Bank National Association Tr.

Neil Daboul to Benjamin and Christine Boone.


Bruce H. Flanders to Nancy L. Golder.

Theodore W. Bormet to David Thanhauser.

Brandon J. Colby to James J. Martin III.


Town of Troy to Victoria Dwyer and Monica Murphy.

Town of Troy to Sandy Blue Lake Trust.

Connie L. Caret to Benjamin M. Caret.

Albert C. and Denise L. Nickerson to Cathy J. Mailman.


Carolyn J. Gaul to Carolyn Gaul Irrevocable Trust.

Susan Hunter to Steven Knowlton.

Susan Hunter to Steven Knowlton.


Jane E. Stark Est. to Cathleen McFarlin.

Debra Isdal-Giroux to Rockey A. Smith Jr.

Town of Winterport to Karen Campbell.

Town of Winterport to Jennifer McKay.

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