Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 6:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Nov. 12-23.


    James R. and Donna M. Gilbert to Rodney J. Voisine.

    Victor Skorapa Jr. Est and Victor Skorpa Jr. Est. to Richard S. Wilkins and Ruth E. Shaw.

    Group Home Foundation Inc. and Holland Land Title & Abstract Company Inc. to United States of America - HUD.

    United States of America - HUD to Maine Housing Authority.

    Michael L. and Margie R. Nickerson to Caitlin and Mark D. Ray.

    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Tr., Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006-3, and Regina L. Ketcheson to Kate McLeod and Joseph E. Holmes.

    Sally S. Faulkner to Robert Torresen and Diane Kemp Torresen.


    Kenneth L. Shaw to Jonathan Shaw.

    Maine State Housing Authority and Sean A. Mason to Maine State Housing Authority.

    Vaughn L. and Joan J. Hersey to Vaughn L. and Joan J. Hersey.


    Michael S. Horn and Patricia D. Beliveau to Martha J. Heffren.

    Kuenzig Family Revocable Trust to Noah Peffer and Alexandria Wolff.


    Lloyd Poland to Terrance and Celeste Crabtree.


    Muriel Curtis to Michael C. and Sandra J. Beck.

    John F. Johnson Jr. to Wallace A. and Susan L. Towne.


    Neil J. and Kasey A. Gibb to Amanda S. and John A. Affleck.

    Bernard A. Pretz to Randall J. and Christina A. Barrows.


    James D. Clark to Michael J. Presti and Sheryl L. VenticinQue-Presti.

    James E. Nelson to James E. Nelson III.


    Reginald N. Dean Jr. and Truc Ha Dean to Ronald B. Praught.

    Alan Kelly-Hamm to Miles D. Frieden and Alan Kelly-Hamm.

    Jean F. Nolan to Mark C. and Jane M. Elizer.

    Beth Tove Whitten to Bryan T. and Shiloh D. Field.

    U.S. Bank Trust NA TR, LSF9 Master Participation Trust, Ronald E. and Patricia Parkinson to U.S. Bank Trust NA TR and LSF9 Master Participation Trust.


    Alan F. and Regina Peabody to William Pitt Oakes.

    Michael J. White and Lorraine K. Bruno to Michael White  Lorraine Bruno Revocable Trust of 2017.

    Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to United States of America - HUD.


    Bryan A. Ross to Brittany D. Kurtz-Dangelo and David R. Dangelo.

    Dorothy T. and Louis R. Gresh to Virginia Moryan.


    Gerald Crabtree to Donna Howard.

    Acceptance Linnehan to Kendra E. Newcombe.

    Sharon Stover to Jillian Hartman.

    William K. and Ethan T. Edmondson to Philip A. and Jennifer A.K. Taylor.

    Harold B. Grove to John J. and Mary Beckelheimer.

    Searsport Schoolhouse Apartments LLC to River Run Partners LLC.

    Phyllis D. Rackliffe to Julie C. Thompson.

    Barbara and Michael Nugent to Mary Ann and Linda Earls.

    Stockton Springs

    Patricia N. Bodin and Barbara Hill to Mark A. and Mary N. McLean.

    Mary I. Alden, Paul M. and Margaret A. Stout, and Martha A. Ellis to Martha A. and David H. Ellis.

    Jon S., Tiffany L., James E., and Helen E. Adams to Brian R. and Linda N. Hurley.

    Nancy W. Harrington Revocable Trust - 1994 to Todd C. and Karen J. Irwin.

    Hollis C. and Jill Bagley to Steven M. Salisbury Jr. and Laura E. Salisbury.

    U.S. Bank National Association to Mark H. Quigley.

    Miles D. Frieden and Alan Kelly-Hamm to Millennium Trust Company LLC CUST.


    Paul A. and Joyce A. Lindelof to Brad Lindelof.

    Edwin E. Greenlaw III and Megan D. Greenlaw to Steven C. and Andrea L. Nilson.

    Janet S. McMahon and Christopher V. Davis to Anna and Maya French.

    Taylor A. and Mary K. Pancoast to David L. and Jaeohk C. Keenan.


    Mark A. Lonardo to Catherine L. Sanders and Mark L. Greene.

    Zbigniew and Elaine Woronko to Catherine L. Sanders and Mark L. Greene.


    Douglas N. Smith to Suzanne French.

    Murielle N. Boggs and Michelle Berube to Jennifer Grochowski.


    Ora D. Bennet to Bessey Development Company.


    Ivan L. and Erika R. Young to Rafe L., Ivan L., and Erika R. Young.

    Pamela S. and Paul E. Hodgdon to Julie E. Brown.


    Morna Kimball Rawcliffe Est. to Tami R. Campbell, Carla L. Lafayette, Heidi L. Ravenscraft, and Carleton J., Jerry K. and Rudy J. Rawcliffe.

    A & M Sand & Gravel LLC to Maine Coal Sales Co. and Maine Energy Inc.

    Sarah M. and Aaron C. Prill to Kelsey S. Richardson.

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