Waldo County deed transfers

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 9:15pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Sept. 11-21.


    Dennis M. Whitcomb to Marilyn and Steven A. Welsch.

    Claude E. and Lois E. Littlefield to Erika K. and Eric Fellinger.

    Philip Brown and Karna Olsson to Karna B. Olsson Living Trust.

    Laura M. Heroux and William E. Heroux II to William E. Heroux II, Laura M. and Arica Heroux.

    Dider Bonner-Ganter and Didier Bonner-Ganter to Paula M. Johnson.

    Sandra M. Johnson and Citibank NA Tr to NRZ Pas-Through Trust VI and NRZ Reo X LLC.

    BRM Star LLC to Anahata LLC.

    Gerald N. Bubar Est. to Nancy A. Bubar.

    Laurie A. Perkins to Jana R. McQuilkin.

    Joann E. Cross Living Trust to Beyond the Meter Corporation.

    Storm and Rhoda Gould to Calvin and Makaila Redden.


    Jamie A. Gross Est. to Michael Gross.

    Damariscotta Bank & Trust Company and Kimberly Ward to Damariscotta Bank & Trust Company.

    Donna Sawyer, Donna Sawyer Morse, and Richard A. Morse Jr. to Katherine C. Ancona.

    John G. Boynton to Broughman Builders Inc.

    Scott R. Jackson to Kristi R. Moulton.

    William E. LaValley to Robert J. and Deborah Card.

    Jessica Card to Jessica Card and Riley R. Peterson.

    Robert J. and Deborah Card to Riley R. Peterson and Jessica Card.


    James M. Cluney to Rebecca H. and Randy S. Elwell.

    Rebecca J. Thompson to Rebecca J. Thompson and Dale H. Ricker Jr.

    Norman A. Tardiff, Wells Fargo Bank NA, and Deborah A. Tardiff to Wells Fargo Bank NA.


    Winona J. Barry-Morris to Anne L. and Paul C. Mucinskas.

    Lakeview Golf Course LLC to Tammy-Jo George, Laura A. Turner, and Suzanne R. Furrow.

    Eleanor M. Avery to Doreen A. and Gary R. Travers.

    Paul D. Roy to Ronald K. Bechard.


    Jackia E. Gould to Mallory and Dale Schaafsma.

    Kenneth Lindell and Robert Kenneth Lindell to Althea Lindell.

    Jeffrey R. Vaughan Est. to Courtlynd Vaughan and Christine Cust Vaughan.


    Kathy W. Dyer and Kathy J. Paradis to Kathy J. and Anthony G. Paradis.

    Margaret B. Ungerleider to Margaret Beach Ungerleider Living Trust.

    James and Ginger Mitchell to Joshua S. and Shey V. Conover.

    Kenneth L. Kooyenga to First National Bank.

    Seal Cove Properties LLC to Island Institute.

    Earl F. Durkee and Earle F. Durkee to Earl F. Durkee.


    Dale H. Ricker Jr. to Dale H. Ricker Jr. and Rebecca J. Thompson.

    Dale H. Ricker Jr. to Dale H. Ricker Jr. and Rebecca J. Thompson.


    Dana A. Larrabee to John J. Feeney III.

    Daniel R. Larrabee to John J. Feeney III.

    David R. Larrabee to John J. Feeney III.

    Danielle L. Scanlon to Jeffrey T. Butler.


    William J. Pelrine to Joshua F. Jewett.

    Daria M. Goggins to Jessica Michalowicz.

    Doris M. Bevan Est. to Laura and Jeffrey N. Deming.

    Corie Skidgell to Jessica and Luke Wade.

    Cindy L. Hodgdon and Cindy L. Robbins to Karissa and Anthony W. Hartley.

    Brian K. Cooper Trust to Carlton L. Mills Trust.

    Jerry Costa to Marlene M. Costa.

    LME Nominee Trust to Brian K. Cooper Trust.


    Adam Henneke and Emily Berry to Emily Berry and Adam Henneke.

    Ashley W. and Robert D. Kehrig to Susan L. and Bruce D. Kohorn.

    Mindy Barnett Parker and David J. Parker to Sheila R. and Theodore B. Packard.

    Terrie L. and John M. Kelly to John M. and Terrie L. Kelly.


    Cynthia E. and Cynthia Logan to Gwendolyn L. Ellis, M. Brenda Ronco, and Robert W. Ronco Jr.

    Erick Aitken to Holly and Timothy Emerson.


    Doris M. Bevan Est. to Laura and Jeffrey N. Deming.

    Rita D. West to Laurel A. Hubbard.


    Town of Morrill to George F.A. Landes.

    Robert H. and Angelia R. Thomas to Christopher L. and Harmony K. Rahkonen.


    James E. Coughlin Jr. to Jonathan R. and Kristopher J. Coughlin, and Julie A. Coughlin Wilson.

    James E. Coughlin Jr. to Jonathan R. and Kristopher J. Coughlin, and Julie A. Coughlin Wilson.

    Town of Northport to Karen Chateauneuf Est. and Stephen Strange Est.

    Mary L. Brown to Mary Louise Brown Living Trust.

    Harold J. and Jane B. Nealey to Michael Vellaro.

    Harold J. and Jane B. Nealey to Michael Vellaro.

    Harold J. and Jane B. Nealey to Michael Vellaro.

    Frederick and Carol Condon to Lawrence L. Baggitt.

    Philip Nedza to Benjamin Hesses and Elijah Davis.

    Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust to Bailey C. Nyren.


    Stephen L. Slonia Jr. to Stephen L. Slonina Jr. and Daniel L. Muther.

    Paul S. Sennett and Eddie E. Pullen to Virginia Mesko and Jeffrey Barker.

    Bruce C. and Susan R. Williams to Mary H. and Corey L. King.

    Mackadeka LLC to Elizabeth T. and Daniel J. Hebert.

    Town of Palermo to Mark A. Curtis.

    Mark A. Curtis to Toby J. Nowak.

    Kathleen M. Wermuth and Kathleen M. Hoague to Tyler J. Powers and Jasmine K. Bickford.


    Nancy E. and Lance R. Raymond to Brandon Wetzel and Stacey Beall.


    Joya C. Maynard to Kyle Koskinen and Adriane Bragg.


    Charles W. and Mary S. Hendrix to Caroline L. Richards and Angie M. Adams.

    Carol L. Yonts to Gary S. Tufo.

    United States of America - HUD to Sheryl Schaub.

    Calvin and Makaila Redden to Kara F. and Joshua A. McCormack.

    Ahmad Ali Yousef Al Matrook and Ahmad Ali Yousef Al Matrouk to Pebble Beach LLC.

    Stockton Springs

    Patrice P. Knowles to Sarah C. Hardy and Aaron C. Zeisler.

    Cathy Hardy and William Hulbert to William M. Hulbert Living Trust and Cathy Hardy Revocable Living Trust.

    Sara H. Bradford to Kaitlyn and James Bradford. \


    David L. and Alexa W. Schweikert to Joya Maynard and Scott Porter.

    David L. Clukey to Terrie M. and Dean M. Brown.

    Royce Romo to Greg Friel.

    Town of Swanville to James Martin II.


    Brenda J. Grapentin-Benedict to Mi Casa Su Casa LLC.

    Danielle Romano and Danielle L. Hall to Sim Hanks.

    Karen J. Mayhew and James L. Mayhew III to Scott A. and Evelyn L. Schroeder.


    Richard L. Languet Est. to Angel M. Languet and Loretta Dimario Languet.

    Lorraine E. Sullivan Est. to Jeremiah E. Sullivan III.

    Jeremiah E. Sullivan to Jeremiah E. Sullivan III and Elizabeth Sullivan.

    Kimberly J. Birkbeck to Benjamin Bouchard and Sophia Leeman.


    John A. and Kathy E. Stevens to Denise McLain and Richard McLain Jr.

    Dennis A. and Orinda M. Turner to Amber and Jordan C. Bennett.


    Annelisa H. and William P.N. Randall to Ronald R. and Barbara L. Laplante.


    Barbara Donnelly Est. to Robert James.

    Diana L. Meehan to Lance Labreck.

    Cynthia E. and Cynthia Logan to Gwendolyn L.Ellis, M. Brenda Ronco, and Robert W. Ronco Jr.

    Donna Bedard to Harold J. Lavin, Marie R. Bedard, and Marie R. Lavin.

    Linda M. and Carol L. Murphy to Cassandra L. Chase.

    Margaret M. Corey to Catherine E. Martise, Kelly A. and Matthew R. Hodgkin.

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