Waldo County deed transfers

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 8:30am

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds Aug. 27 - Sept. 7.


    Richard A. Hall to Rodney A. Hall and Richard A. Hall Jr.

    Josephine Y. Pendleton Living Trust and Josephine Y. Pendleton Administrative Irrevocable Trust to Mary M. and Daniel E. Klimek.

    Julia Daley to Belfast Water District.  

    Beverly J. and Roger S. Pickering to Pickering Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

    Anna E. and Lawrence J. Ward, Lisa D. Mann-Lapham, and Bryce Bearse to Katherine Marie Turner and Theodore Bartlett Schroeder.

    Lisa C. and Terrence C. Moore to Leslie R. Hills.

    Leslie R. Hills to Lisa C. and Terrence C. Moore.

    Avery Booth Stone to Geoffrey R. and Abigail M.D. Gilchrist.

    John J. Pagonis to John J. Pagoni Living Trust.

    John L. Fontana and Elizabeth Dodson to Lucie Valois and Christophe Lhomel.

    Anne W. Donovan to Linda S. Buckmaster.

    Michael J. and Erika A. Chamberlain to Belfast City Properties.

    Peak Market Homes LLC to Shannon Cross Sommer.


    John G. Boynton to Rosie K. Boynton.


    Virgil Thompson to Andrew J. Pierce.

    Oak Hill Investments Inc. and Oak Hill Hops Inc. to Kyle Gibbs.


    Frederick G. and Suzanne Schlapp to Frederick G. & Suzanne W. Schlapp Revocable Trust Agreement.

    Frederick G. and Suzanne Schlapp to Frederick G. & Suzanne W. Schlapp Revocable Trust Agreement.

    Frederick G. and Suzanne Schlapp to Frederick G. & Suzanne W. Schlapp Revocable Trust Agreement.


    Joan F. Whitcomb to Becca Leeann Whitcomb and Rodney M. Whitcomb Jr.

    Robert L. and Natalie R. Wass to Earl R. Anderson.

    James L. and Linda M. Ginn to Linda M. Ginn.

    James L. and Linda M. Ginn to Jamie M. Fraser.


    Derek K. and Heather L. Higgins to Michelle and Dale Hoskins.

    Leigh Ann Givens, Layla Jeanne Gifford, and Ansel Walden Gifford to James R. Bradstreet.


    Nancy R. Breed and Nancy R. Holt to Deirdre M. Murphy.

    Anthony Joseph Evan-Pughe to R.B. Pegram Harrison.

    George A. Durkee to Pamela and Nicholas B. Seymour.


    Kathryn Darlene Kimball and Kathryn Darlene Constable to Kathryn Darlene Constable and Kathryn Darlene Kimball.

    Andrew Mule to Meredith Toumayan.


    Louise K. Smith Est. to Deborah G. and Jay D. Randall.

    Eugene L. Sullivan Est. and Eugene L. Sullivan Est. to Corie Skidgell.

    Duane S. and Kimberly E. Jewett to Jewett Living Trust.

    LME Nominee Trust to Brian K. Cooper Trust.

    Gerald A. and Jane N. Bernier to Marc R. Mason and Hiedi J. Adams.


    Benjamin Hardy, Lisa Hagin, Stephen Hardy, and Willard Hardy Jr. to Geoffrey M. Nosach.

    Bryan A. Lacombe to Robert Wert.

    Kyle M. Upton to Beth Nute and Beth M. Upton.

    Beth M. Upton and Beth Nute to Gavin Decker Griffith and Thomas W. Griffith.

    Allan E. Nawrot to Allan E. and Kristel Jean Nawrot.

    Walter and Anne Lamont to Pamela and Henry Simpkins.

    Merrie Lee McLaughlin, Denise Anne Stadler, William Leslie Bromley, and George Matthew Stadler to L.M.R. Family LLP.

    Gary Masalin to Shana Hanson.

    Lucy L. Harr and David W. Lewis to David W. Lewis & Lucy L. Harr Revocable Trust.

    Lucy L. Harr and David W. Lewis to David W. Lewis & Lucy L. Harr Revocable Trust.

    Christina A. and Randall J. Barrows to James P. and Karen Francomano.

    Susan Pyle to Susan and Richard E. Pyle.

    Ashley W. and Robert D. Kehrig to Heidi G. Perkins.


    Barbara Rado Mosseau and Thomas L. Mosseau to Dillon Investments LLC.

    Julie, Matthew, Julie A., and Matthew J. Marston, and Matthew J. Marston Sr. to Marston Family Trust.

    Wardwell and Dale Ann Ratcliff, and Dale Anne Movalli to Jonathan Ratcliff.


    Celeste M. Dowling to James & Celeste Dowling Revocable Living Trust.


    Sandra J. Place to Nicholas P. Cullen.

    John K. Tani to John K. Tani and Mary Hyland Tani.


    Clayton R. and Clayton Woodbury to Hannah R. Merchant, Nanette W. Merchant, and Clayton R. Woodbury.

    Dana Giuntini to Peter Rackcliffe

    Joel Karp to S. Joel Karp 2016 Trust.

    Jennifer Anne Collings Revocable Trust to Pamela Stead.


    Ralph E. & Donna A. Folsom Living Trust to Timothy Gooch.

    David Henderson to Rebecca J. Loveland.

    Wilma Barnsley to Kurt M. Astudillo.

    Diana J. Lee to Dusty L. Haskell.


    Randell L. Narofsky to Arryn K. Garey.


    Broughman Builders Inc. to Victoria M. and Stephen E. Curtis.

    John E. and Michelle Tibbetts, and Pennymac Holdings LLC to Pennymac Holdings LLC.

    Samuel P. Ingraham to Samuel P. Ingraham and Danielle Millay.

    Lawrence R. Cunningham Revocable Trust to Ellen P. Sweet.

    Richard P. Morrison Est. to Michael C. Lyons, Ray L. Morrison, Kathleen Lyons, and Sally L. Morrison.

    Michael C. Lyons, Ray L. Morrison, Kathleen E. Lyons, and Sally L. Morrison to Gail E. St. Clair.

    Gary S. and Evelyn Grover to Charles E. Martz Jr.

    Charles E. Martz Jr. to Charles E. Martz Jr. and Rebecca S. Martz.


    Iva G. McElravy Est. to Randolph L. Ashey.

    Keith Harriman to Daniel Rich.

    Rhonda Colcord, Rhoda Sutfin, and Rhonda Altman to Logan Jay Bowden and Brennan Earl Bowden.

    Shannon E. Cross and Shannon Cross Sommer to Bruce L. and Matthew W. Wood.

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Brian Staples and John Richards Sr.

    David W. and Sandra L. St. Clair to Marilyn L. and Steven A. Welsch.

    Stockton Springs

    G.M. Allen & Son Incorporated to Peninsula Farms LLC.

    Harvey R. and Kathy M. Smith to Paula M. and Frederick K. Haskell.


    Susan Dujack Revocable Trust to One Swanville LLC.

    Viking Inc. to Bianco Chin Trust.

    Eric W. Berry and Tina M. Colby-Grotton to James J. Martin II.

    Jason Perkins to Austin Everett Hannington, Levi Martin Carroll and Brian Richard Carroll.


    Patricia Pellegrino and Patricia Wright to Marvel F. Mayotte.

    Donald S. and Roberta J. Bubar to Spencer K. Harjung.


    Virgil Thompson to Kassey Thompson.

    Rosie K. Boynton to John G. Boynton.

    John G. Boynton to Lori and William P. Terry.


    Margaret M. Corey to Allen D. and Elizabeth A. Kelliher.

    Catherine R. and Andrew S.  Garrett to Kaitlyn R. and Craig A. Weaver.

    Bernhoff A. Dahl to Christopher R. Smith.

    Diane F. Young to Wendy and Kevin Lynds.

    Cynthia A. and Malcolm G. Morris to Jane D. Hamilton.

    Paul B. and Christine A. Thomas to Christine A. and Paul B. Thomas.

    Maine State Housing Authority, Brandon T. and Amy M. Pinkham to Maine State Housing Authority.

    Marilyn Nancy Potter to P & G Nelson & Sons LLC.

    Justin Hopkins to Brian J. Hills.

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