Waldo County deed transfers

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 4:00pm

    BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Waldo County Registry of Deeds June 4-15.


    Annie Doherty to Ann Kennedy.

    Thomas F. Duplessie Est. and Thomas D. Duplessie Est. to Courtney Burns.

    Gregory G. and Melanie T. Berry to Kristen H. Van De Geer and Jonathan R. Clough.

    Kyle E. and Erin D. Payson, and Erin Dutch Payson to Michele McCuiston.

    Linda L. Smith to Kyle E. and Erin D. Payson.

    Kyle E. and Erin D. Payson to Ernest C. and Tina L. Young.

    Clinton L. and Lynn A. Duval to Nathaniel Baer and Karen E. Smith.

    Cathy and Brian Horne to Juliane M. Dow.

    Haven Properties LLC to Seven Front Street LLC and 7 Front Street LLC.

    Ocean East LLC to Marie A. and Alford W. Cole.

    Ocean East LLC to Dennis M. Whitcomb.

    Mary Kaldenbaugh and Ronald Garfinkel to Ronald Garfinkel and Mary Kaldenbaugh.

    Philip R. LaPierre, Wells Fargo Bank NA, and Philip LaPierre to Wells Fargo Bank NA.

    Edward R. Zanca to Zanca Properties LLC.

    Kathleen M. Ferland to Scott and Joanne O’Brien.

    Cynthia A. Aho to Hannah M. Harding-Cumler and Joshua M. Cumler-Bowie.


    Stephen J. and Anne I. Libby to Roland H. and Verna L. Hughes.

    Johanne L. and Howard L. Fernald to Scott A. Truax.

    Colleen M. Lasselle to Clayton A. and Dustin M. Turner.


    Judith A. Staples Living Trust to Rebecca L. Bennett and David Woods.

    Valerie McMillan, LSF9 Master Participation Trust, and U.S. Bank Trust NA TR to LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank NA TR.


    Duncan F. Widdoes to Jessica M. Wills and David R. Wills Jr.

    Dale A. and Pamela J. McKenney to Gwendolyn Littlefield and Howard Hubbard.


    Frank West to Frank West.

    Frank West to Frank West.

    John W. Kelly to Anne Christine Allen Revocable Trust.

    John H. King Revocable Trust to Elizabeth D. King.

    Elizabeth D. King to Abigail K. Diggins.

    Thomas O. Carpenter to Thomas O. Carpenter Amended & Restated Living Trust.

    Caren G. Carpenter to Caren G. Carpenter Amended & Restated Living Trust.

    Diane and Delores L. Tompkins to Dolores Keith and Frankie A. Darling Jr.

    Alexander P. and Kathryn M. Gilbert to 278 East Shore Drive Nominee Trust to Two Hundred Seventy Eight East Shore Drive Nominiee Trust.


    Nad LLC to Country View Golf LLC.


    Sarah Good Est. to Michael Darigan.

    John Zeilor to Susan J. and Gustave J. Szabronski.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Brenda L. and Eric S. Scherer.

    David W. St. Clair to Philip Wick.

    Paul Prado to Marilyn J. Belanger.


    Darcie P. Lamont to Walter M. Lamont Jr.

    Mark A. Biscone to Mark A. and Barbara M. Biscone.

    Zackary J. Thomas to David Martin.


    Andrea C. Brower to Andrew D. Webster and Gina M. Philbrick.

    Robert Lindolm to Kristin and Anthony Weed.

    Dean M. Brown Living Trust to Ethan M. and Ashlie R. Stubbs.


    David W. St. Clair to Carrie Peavey.


    Keiter Realty COmpany to Larry M. and Laura A. Puckett.

    Town of Montville to David J. and Kevin Keller.


    Terry Hodge to John H. and Sandra E. Peeler.

    Nancy T. Hannington and Nancy T. Hanson to Dennis and Claire Fuller.


    Tamara J. and Bill S. Williams to Daniel W. Winston and Tamera Blades.

    Brent M. Macleod to Daniella Macleod.

    Nancy E. Locke Est. to Kendal Bryant Jr. and Laurie E. Bryant.

    Frederick Barton to Charles Gerry.

    Hulda Hodgdon, Carolyn Tibbetts, and Meichelle Christian to Charles Gerry.

    William, Paul, John, and MIke Paige to Charles Gerry.

    Deane Wood and Charles Gerry to Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust.


    Maine State Housing Authority and Richard L. Donald Est. to Dennis R. and Miriam A. Keller.

    Jake Voisine to Sherry T. Voisine.

    Elisha C. Fowlie to Amanda J. Worth, Gary S. and Sharon Leeman.

    Richard Crouse to Richard D. and Kim L. Crouse.

    Donald and Marguerite Zahoruiko to Dennis R. and Miriam A. Keller.


    Paula Beckett, Terry D. and Paula L. Hall to Steve S. Rodrigue.

    Jerrold C. and Diantha G. Wood to Lisanne C. Tholl.

    Freer Land Management LLC to Prospect Farm Wellness Properties LLC.


    Marie L. Fuller Est. to Ronald A. Fuller Sr.

    Bruce M. Staples to Taylor Light Surek.

    J.L. Robbins Trust to Janice I. and Robert C. Spencer.


    Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Elizabeth C. and Stephen S. Palmer.

    Ruth B. Weymouth to Ruth B. Weymouth and Charles L. Weymouth Jr.

    Ruth B. Weymouth and Charles L. Weymouth Jr. to Michelle M. Schaeffer and Adora L. Dumond.

    Sean P. and Crystal L. Anderson to Frederick S. Stone and Deborah A. Pullen.

    June E. Cook and Baxter R. Cook Sr. to Wolo LLC.

    Charles G. and Diana G. Evans, and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

    Stockton Springs

    Mary E. and Bradley B. Jones, Bank of New York Mellon TR, and Alternative Loan Trust 2005-5CB to Alternative Loan Trust 2005-5CB and Bank of New York Mellon TR.

    Bryan A. Young to Bryan A. Young and Arielle Hornbrook.

    Ruth M. Harriman to Leslie S. Devine.


    Wells Bank Fargo NA to Alana I. and Evan J. Hutchins.

    Richard E. MacIntyre and Young Hee O. MacIntyre to Melissa J. Samuels.

    Ruth B. Weymouth to Ruth B. Weymouth and Charles L. Weymouth Jr.

    Ruth B. Weymouth and Charles L. Weymouth Jr. to Michelle M. Schaeffer and Adora L. Dumond.

    Paul E. Bushey, Anne G. Mackin, Mark J. Bushey, and Mary L. Beba to Mary L. Beba, Mark J. Bushey, Anne G> Mackin, and Paul E. Bushey.


    Erin L. and Brent D. Bibles to Michelle N. and Christopher S. Boyle.


    Janette M. Hayes, Janette M. Robinson, and Janette Hayes to Robert Riversong.


    Ralph Russell to Nathan S. Russell.

    Terry A. St. Pierre to Peter C. Zuck.


    Charlotte A. White to Stuart B. and Travis B. White.

    Charlotte A. White to Stuart B. and Travis B. White.

    Wayne C. and Sharon M. Quimby to Benjamin C. Quimby.

    Callicutt Family Living Trust to Cynthia C. Callicutt.

    Melissa Burns and Bank of America NA to Bank of America NA.

    Michael R. Danforth to Kelley B. Danforth.

    Kelley B. Danforth to Kelley B. Danforth.

    Robert C. Harrison to N. A. Peet LLC.

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