letter to the editor

Vote for South Thomaston Warrant Article 26 on June 18

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 8:15am

The South Thomaston Auxiliary is a private nonprofit corporation chartered by the South Thomaston Selectboard after a vote at the 2022 Town Meeting.  Its sole purpose is to raise funds to be used in the design and construction of a Community Center and Library in South Thomaston. 

We must emphasize that the Auxiliary’s scope does not include the programming or events that may use the new facility.  We merely seek to raise funds for a more modern, energy efficient, comfortable, expandable, and more economical facility to house the current and future Community Center and Library functions and activities. 

The Facilities Committee is working closely with a highly regarded local architect on design approaches – not actual - or final - designs.  The mission remains the same as put forth by the Butler Facilities Committee: “The building will honor the local context and tradition of learning and gathering embodied by the original Grange Hall.”

Since our start in August 2023, we have secured donation pledges of approximately $200,000. More importantly, Congresswoman Pingree is supporting our grant request for $2.8 Million from the Community Funded Project Fund.   Given the Congresswoman’s track record, we are confident of approval of that funding.  We are also awaiting decisions on grant requests from both Senators Collins and King’s office.

A vote for Article 27 is a vote for significant expenditures of taxpayer dollars 

At the end of the day, those who vote to retain Gilford Butler will forego the donations and grant monies and take the first step in a long, very expensive road that our neighboring town of Thomaston has already traveled.

Taxes will be required to fund a new roof, a new heating system, any renovations or improvements and all future operating costs and repairs. Any borrowings will be at much higher rates than the 3.8% Thomaston enjoyed.  We will still be left with an uninsulated, poorly ventilated building with many age-related surprise repairs. 


The South Thomaston Auxiliary

Ervin Curtis

Sheryl Dasco

Rhonda Nordstrom

Barbara Reitz

John Spear

Sandy Weisman