Letter to the editor: Karen Mehorter and Samuel Mehorter

Vote Jayne Crosby Giles for Maine Senate; experience makes the difference

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 7:45pm
When you go to the poles on Tuesday November 6, please cast your vote for Jayne Crosby Giles for your next State Senator for Waldo County.
Why vote for Jayne?  It’s very simple: experience.
Beyond a doubt, Jayne Crosby Giles is the most qualified person to be your next state senator.
Jayne needs no on the job training.  As a prior state representative for Waldo County (2006-2010) she will hit the ground running as your next state senator.  
As a prior state representative, Jayne served on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee.
She later was the House lead on the Business, Research and Economic Development Committee.
Appointed to the Committee on Maine's Energy Future, Jayne worked on legislation to meet our energy needs. Additionally, she helped organize a moderate caucus finding common ground among legislators and joined the rural caucus, advocating for small towns.
With three decades of experience as a small business lender and community banker she is a proven advocate for small businesses, families and rural communities.
Some of Jayne’s most recent work, awards and group involvement include:
CEO of Mainstream Finance
2016 US Small Business Financial Services Champion for Maine and New England
Business Mentor with Belfast S.C.O.R.E.
WCGH/Coastal Alliance Healthcare Advisory Council
Board member, New England Delta Dental
Board member, Belfast Rotary
Board member of the Waldo County YMCA.
Jayne is from Belfast, lived and worked here, raised her family here and has extended family members that live here.  Through family, community and work Jayne knows Waldo County and our people.  From our youth, to young family home owners, business owners, farmers, veterans, retirees, elderly, .she knows the many needs, issues and challenges facing all age groups and it is her agenda to listen to you all and work to put into action solutions that produce results.  
One of my own personal concerns for the younger generation and children in my family is that I want them to have an opportunity to stay, live and work here after they graduate high school.  Jayne sees this as a priority and has a plan to inspire the next generation of Mainers to launch their careers right here at home.  Some of her ideas include:   expand career and technical training opportunities for all Mainers, develop business and tech incubators to nurture young entrepreneurs, connect rural Maine to better, faster internet and networks, and support the Student Loan Credit Program to give a dollar-for-dollar Maine income tax credit for college loan repayment.
This is just one of Jayne’s many plans.  There are so many issues that need to be worked on and Jayne brings to the table the experience, as well as leadership to get the job done. 
And remember, Jayne doesn’t want to be just "Waldo County’s Champion.” She wants to make Waldo County a Champion in Maine!
Again, on November 6, for a better Maine, Vote for experience. Vote for Jayne Crosby Giles.  
She has our votes.
Karen Mehorter and Samuel Mehorter live in Belfast.