Letter to the editor: Susan S. Crysler 

Vicki Doudera for State Representative

Wed, 10/31/2018 - 9:30pm

I have known Vicki Doudera since she moved to Camden more than 30 years ago,  I immediately realized this energetic person had such a great spirit about her.  She created a successful Bed and Breakfast and threw herself into her life here in Camden.  Her energy and vision can be seen in all her endeavors and accomplishments since, whether it is working in real estate, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or her successful writing career.  She is passionate and very dedicated to our local way of life. 

Vicki is a breath of fresh air in this political atmosphere of negativity.  She will bring that energy, focus, compassion and ability to compromise to every issue she tackles.  As a former Republican, former Republican Town Chairman and former Republican State Committee Woman, I wholeheartedly support Vicki for State Representative.
Susan S. Crysler lives in Camden