Other employees who were in close contact are in quarantine

UPDATE: No new cases, but Knox County Correctional Facility remains closed to public after officer tests COVID-19 positive

Thu, 01/07/2021 - 11:15am

    UPDATE, ROCKLAND – Knox County Sheriff Tim Carroll sent the following update to a COVID-19 situation at the Knox County Correctional Facility in Rockland.

    “I am happy to report the other 28 people tested for COVID-19 related to the potential exposure at Knox County Correctional Facility, that all their test results have come back negative.  I believe the quick actions and response to our pandemic plan and closely working with Maine CDC and Maine DOC, we avoided a potential outbreak at this time.  Thank you to all involved.  

    “We will still remain closed to the public and non-essential people for an unknown period of time to ensure the safety and well being of those in and work at the jail.  We have also initiated further actions in our Pandemic Plan to do our very best to insure everyone's safety.  A county correctional setting with its revolving population is very difficult to manage for a pandemic, but credit goes to the incredible staff that we have at the Knox County Sheriff's Office to continue working together to get through this.  I am fortunate to have such a dedicated group of professionals to work with. “


    Late last week, the Knox County Correctional Facility was informed of a Corrections Officer having tested positive of COVID-19. 

    The Corrections Officer had not worked at the jail since the previous weekend. 

    “In response and following our pandemic plan and working with Maine CDC and Department of Corrections, the Knox County Correctional Facility is closed to the public and all non-essential personnel to limit further exposure,” said Knox County Sheriff Tim Carroll, Jan. 5.

    In coordination with the facility’s medical provider there will be further testing of staff and inmates. 

    “We were able to identify three other employees prior to working again at the jail that had close contact with the person testing positive and have also put them out on paid leave,” said Carroll. “They have since been tested with negative results on all three.  This is the first positive case of COVID-19 identified at the Knox County Correctional Facility since the start of the pandemic.