working with Union Historical Society to find others descendants

Union’s Sestercentennial to include picnic of founders’ descendants

Sat, 06/08/2024 - 5:00pm

    UNION — Jemima Robbins was nineteen years old when her father moved her, her mother, and her younger siblings to the new settlement of Sterlingtown in 1774. It would be remote from the Revolution that was taking place in the lower part of Massachusetts where they left aboard the sloop days before. But they would have their own struggles, as they worked the land and made a new life for themselves and future generations.

    Martha Johnston-Nash is one of their descendants and is helping the town (renamed Union when Incorporated) celebrate those first settlers. “They put their faith, hearts and muscles into settling this town, and it’s our pleasure to be celebrating those brave efforts,” Johnston says. “Jemima’s brother David is my 5th great grandfather and I’m learning there are many distant cousins living in this area as well.”

    Union’s Sestercentennial Celebration this July 19, 20 and 21 will include a “Descendants Picnic” on that Sunday, and Johnston is working with the Union Historical Society to find others who are also descendants. They hope to record previously unknown lineage of the families.

    The nineteen original Founding Fathers include David Robbins (wife Elizabeth Chapman), his father Philip (wife Jemima Smith), brother Jessa, uncles Ebenezer (Priscilla Covill) and Josiah, sister Jemima’s future husband Joel Adams, sister Susannah’s future husband Amarah Mero, sister Elizabeth’s new husband Richard Cummings, cousin Bela, and cousin Lucy’s future husband John Butler. Rounding out the rest of the founders are Ezra Bowen, Royal Grinnell, Abijah Hawes, Matthias Hawes, Moses Hawes, Elijah Holmes, Samuel Hills, Elisha Partridge, and Jason Ware.

    For more information about Union’s 250th celebration and events, including the Descendants Picnic, email, and stay updated by visiting the Facebook page Celebrating Union’s 250 Years.