Tom Hedstrom: ‘Make choices based on what you believe, not what others believe, is best for Camden’

Tue, 06/07/2022 - 12:30pm
June 14, 2022 is an important day for Camden voters.  Among other items, we elect two Select Board members, we decide whether to institute Secret Ballots for approving the town budget, we decide whether to substantially change our zoning laws, and we decide whether to keep the old Tannery lot as a town park or sell it to a developer.  
I have spoken to many Camden residents this Spring, and I have listened to what they have to say about these proposed changes and more. 
The general consensus seems to be that the residents of Camden want more say in town matters.  They want representation that listens to them.  They want representation that understands that the Select Board works for the people and the Town Manager works for the Select Board, not the reverse order. 
Even people who disagree about solutions agree that the residents are not being heard. 
On the Select Board, I will work to change that.  Stakeholders and residents will have forums to speak and be heard.  Changes that benefit all will be encouraged.  Accountability and performance will be how personnel assessments are made.  
I understand leadership.  I know how to set people up for success, by giving them clear guidance and expectations and putting them in positions where they can succeed. 
I know how to listen and set up ways for people to communicate, so that important decisions are resolved with satisfactory outcomes for all. 
I know how to be efficient and how to keep others focused, so that we don't waste valuable time and resources and so that town government is accessible to all. 
Those are the reasons I am running for the Select Board.  
On June 14, get out to vote.  Research and consider each item carefully.  Take into account the Select Board and Planning Board recommendations, but make choices based on what you believe, not what others believe, is best for Camden. 
This is the best way to move our great town forward and in the right direction.  
Tom Hedstrom lives in Camden and is running for a seat on the Camden Select Board.