letter to the editor

Thankful for all that Vicki Doudera has done, look forward to another term

Tue, 11/01/2022 - 7:00pm
Whether it's working diligently to bring faster internet to our towns, taking a hands on role attacking our affordable housing crisis, or tirelessly championing the protection of Maine's environment, Vicki Doudera has handled it all with aplomb.
Through her amicable and determined efforts, Vicki has already ensured that our state is a better place for the people, pets, and pollinators of Maine by proposing and passing myriad, bipartisan legislation inclusively addressing the needs of all Mainers, while protecting the very nature of our treasured state.
We are so thankful for all that Vicki has done for our state's people and place already and we cannot wait to see what else she can accomplish with another term.
Please join us in voting for Vicki Doudera for State Representative November 8. 
Christian Wincklhofer and Margaret Rizzio live in Camden