Letter to the editor: Michael Hurley

Support Neal Harkness, Mary Mortier, Paul Dean for Belfast City Council

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 2:15pm

I am writing about three people who are running for the Belfast City Council. 

Neal Harkness has been a tireless representative for all of the people of Belfast. His day job is driving people all over the state for medical appointments and it gives him exposure to people who do not often speak out in public but who have great needs and dignity. He wasn’t instrumental in making WBFY happen: he was nearly solely responsible. He has had unflagging support for pushing forward affordable housing options.

Neal championed Indigenous Peoples Day, banning the bags, and Belfast Has Pride. Neal is a true man of the people. We are fortunate to have him.

One word describes Mary Mortier on the council: prepared. Mary quotes and put her finger on facts. True and real facts and not made up or convenient half-truths. Mary has been a tireless volunteer for Belfast in so many ways it wouldn’t be fair to compare her to anyone. She has led or served with Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, the Belfast Garden Club, Our Town Belfast, and has made New Year’s by the Bay happen for 18 years.

Her service for food pantries has helped less fortunate people keep food on the table. Mary is a caring person but also a careful budget hawk who keeps an eye on pennies that add up to dollars.  Mary speaks less than many but her thoughtful comments are always common sense.

Paul Dean is a Belfast native. Yes there are still a few around. Born and raised here he has spent his entire life in Belfast. I have no idea how anyone could call him a “newcomer.” Paul was the chair of the Comprehensive Plan Committee and spent years working at the paper mill in Bucksport. Paul knows Belfast. He has a calm, steady, and careful demeanor and will bring an attention to detail.

I hope you will support Neal Harkness, Mary Mortier, and Paul Dean for the Belfast City Council on Election Day.

They are all independent, fair, hardworking, and can be relied upon to keep Belfast moving. They will represent you well.  I ask you for your vote for Neal Harkness, Mary Mortier, and Paul Dean

Michael Hurley lives in Belfast and serves on the Belfast City Council