South Thomaston woman accused of assaulting two residents after breaking into apartment

Wed, 07/03/2024 - 9:30am

    ROCKLAND — A South Thomaston woman was arrested after allegedly assaulting two people after entering their residence.

    Kristina Larrondo, 32, was arrested June 27 by Rockland Police and charged with burglary, aggravated assault, aggravated criminal trespass, domestic violence assault and criminal assault.

    Larrondo made her initial court appearance in Knox County Court June 28. Judge Eric Walker set bail at $1,000 unsecured with the condition that the woman wear an ankle monitor and be under supervised release.

    According to the affidavit filed in court by Rockland Police, a woman came to the door on an apartment on Knox Street in Rockland June 26 and the female resident and the woman got into a verbal argument.

    Police said that Larrondo then appeared at the door and assaulted the female resident by pulling her hair and tackling her.

    A man in the house attempted to stop the assault and Larrondo punched him with her closed fist with a key in between her fingers causing injuries to the man’s head, according to the affidavit.

    It was discovered that while police were at the residence investigating the incident, someone had keyed the man’s car.

    Larrondo is scheduled to appear in court again Aug. 29 for a dispositional conference.

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