Shed fire leads to burned garage in Lincolnville

Thu, 05/05/2022 - 4:15pm

    LINCOLNVILLE — Attempts by a passerby on Route 52 in Lincolnville to extinguish a fire with a garden hose proved no match for quickly spreading, chemical-driven flames. In the end, a small shed and its adjacent two-story garage burned black inside and out, though walls remained standing.

    Following the approximate 1:15 p.m., May 5, 2022, call to 911, a Lincolnville firefighter who happened to live nearby was quick to the scene, according to Lincolnville Fire Chief Don Fullington. The shed was fully engulfed in flames despite garden hose water being pumped inside its door. Yet, when one of the homeowners spoke of oxyacetylene, propane, and welding supplies, and possibly some propane tanks in the back, the initial attempts with the garden hose ceased and relinquished to the interior-equipped firefighters still en route from Lincolnville Fire, with more personnel coming from Hope, Camden, and Searsmont. 

    “When I got here and started attacking the fire, there were several explosions going off,” said Fullington. 

    Though chemicals were known to be within the fire zone, personnel didn’t respond any differently.

    “I think the guys just made themselves more aware and just kept an eye out for flaming and shooting flames, and to make sure to stay behind a structure of some kind to keep themselves safe,” said Fullington. 

    Within minutes, the garage was also fully engulfed, but the first two-person team to arrive were able to stop the flames and their spread. As more firefighters arrived, the hotspots were then addressed and water was shuttled from the Slab City Road hydrant. One vehicle within the garage was deemed a loss. 

    “It was good that nobody got hurt,” said Fullington. 

    After looking at the damage and speaking with the homeowner, Fullington still could not determine a cause for the fire. 

    Firefighters attempted to close Route 52 to traffic, but with a shortage of personnel, they relied on Good Samaritans to help, so some traffic continued to go through.


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