letter to the editor

Send Jan Dodge back to Augusta to continue her hard work for our community

Tue, 08/16/2022 - 8:15pm

This November, let’s send Jan Dodge back to Augusta for a third term to work for the people of State House District 39 (Belfast, Northport, and Belmont). I met Jan in 2018 when she went door-to-door in Belfast in her first campaign. Since then, I have seen that not only is she enthusiastic and dedicated to her role in Augusta, but she always quickly replies to emails about legislation and has even asked for my opinions.

I am personally impressed that Jan has a 100% voting record with Planned Parenthood and is endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Maine People’s Alliance. She is a staunch supporter of reproductive choice and racial justice. As a Belfast Garden Club member, I was grateful this past year for Jan’s co-sponsorship of LD155 – the bill that prohibited the use of pesticides that have been killing our bees.  Jan is also an active presence in the Belfast-area community – volunteering with Aging Well in Waldo County, Waldo County Triad, Window Dressers, and more. And she even pops up at local demonstrations!

Please join me in sending Jan Dodge back to Augusta to continue her hard work for our community.

Corliss Davis lives in Belfast