Letter to the editor: Susan Dorr

Sen. Miramant will continue to work hard for all of us

Sat, 11/03/2018 - 7:30pm
I am writing to encourage the voters of Knox County to cast their vote for our State Senator Dave Miramant. Dave has dedicated himself to service and his focus in the senate has always been how to improve the lives of Mainers.
I’ve known Dave for nearly thirty years. He has always been passionate about protecting the environment of our great state. He understands that the health of the people of Maine and the economy of Maine depend on the preservation of our waterways, our ocean and our land. He believes, and works hard in Augusta, to make sure that Maine can attract businesses that will be net contributors to our quality of life by providing non polluting jobs and living wages.
It has been a challenging few years in Augusta with extreme partisanship making collaboration difficult, even on the best ideas! Dave has demonstrated that his first priority is to the people of his district and the state and to that end he reaches out to his colleagues, regardless of party to advance legislation that will make Maine the best it can be.
Achieving the all important goals of livable wages, affordable, accessible health care, food security and clean, sustainable energy will require hard work and dedicated collaboration. Senator Dave Miramant has an impressive track record of working steadily toward these goals. We have been very fortunate to have Dave’s energy and imagination at the service of the great state of Maine! Senator Dave Miramant is eager to continue the work he started and we can make sure that happens by voting for him on November 6.

Susan Dorr lives in Camden