Inivites citizens to join ad hoc study committee

RSU 71 to mull over converting former Bank of America Belfast building to district-wide elementary school

Tue, 05/11/2021 - 8:30pm

The RSU 71 Board of Directors is seeking community members to serve on an ad-hoc committee that will form a recommendation to the board regarding the potential repurposing of the former Bank of America building to house a district-wide regionalized K-5 elementary school. 

RSU 71 comprises K-12 public schools in Belfast, Belmont, Morrill, Searsmont and Swanville.

Community members interested in serving on this volunteer committee should fill out the online application found on the RSU 71 website (, by clicking here, no later than 8 a.m., Friday, May 21. The committee will be selected by the school board, and committee members will be notified of their selection by Wednesday, May 26. 

Purpose: The committee is tasked with looking into the logistical, social, academic and economic impact of reorganizing K-5 education in RSU71. Specifically, the committee will research the impact of consolidating locations throughout the district to the Bank of America property and compare that to the logistics and implications of improving the current facilities to meet the needs of the students. 

Composition: The committee will consist of between 9-15 voting members chosen by the Board. A variety of stakeholders will ensure a well rounded recommendation. Committee members may include: Board members, administrators, teachers, support staff, town officials, parents and members of the public. The committee may also invite other non-voting members to provide expertise or information to assist the committee in their recommendations. 

Length of Time: The committee is expected to serve until a final recommendation is accepted by the RSU71 Board, or until the Board disbands the committee. Individual committee members serve at the discretion of the Board. 

Authority: The committee is advisory only. The committee is not authorized to enter into any agreements on behalf of the district. The Board is under no obligation to act on any committee recommendations. 

Resources: The RSU71 Board, at its discretion, may provide resources to the committee. The committee may not utilize any district resources without approval from the Board or the Superintendent. 

Committee Relationships: The committee works for the RSU 71 Board of Directors. The committee may use its discretion on which issues to research, it is under no obligation to follow directives by anyone except the RSU71 Board. The committee should gather input from town officials and members of the public, however the committee’s recommendations should be made in the best interest of the students of RSU71 (taking into account logistical, social, academic and economic impact). 

Reports to the Board: The committee will report updates to the Board, verbally or in writing, no less than once per month. 

Committee Meetings: All meetings of the committee are open to the public except as may otherwise be provided by law. Committee reports and minutes are public information subject to the Freedom of Access Law. Notice of committee meetings shall be provided in a manner consistent with the Board’s policy and practice concerning notification of Board meetings.

Final Report/Recommendations: The committee is expected to provide a final report and recommendations to the RSU71 Board no later than September 30, 2021 This deadline may be extended by the RSU71 Board of Directors. 

For questions regarding this committee, contact the Central Office at 207-338-1960.