Rockport Public Library Foundation announces ‘Furniture & Fixtures’ fundraising goal

Sun, 07/05/2020 - 3:15pm

ROCKPORT — The Rockport Library Foundation (RLF) has officially launched its new fundraising campaign to raise $225,000 to cover the cost of furniture and fixtures for the new library. With construction on schedule, the race is on to open the doors October 1.

“This is the last ‘mile,’” said capital campaign Co-Chair Joan Welsh, in a news release. “Having successfully met our $2 million goal for construction, we need to make sure there are enough stacks, desks, tables, and chairs inside the building to support all the exciting new services that will be offered. And we’ve already received pledges for close to half of our goal!”

Welsh added that a group of anonymous donors have stepped forward with additional commitments totaling $50,000 for a dollar-for-dollar challenge, which means every dollar donated now will be doubled in value.

The new library is proceeding on budget, with the windows installed and brickwork completed in June. Finish work continues at a brisk pace inside as well. And the roofing and final grading is slated for July.

Looking ahead, Library Director Ben Blackmon said, “Very soon when we look up Central Street coming from the harbor, we’ll see a stunning new feature for our Town. In a tangible way, it will complete us. Starting with the expansive Marine Park as a base and now the library as a crown, we’ll be sending a message to all that live and visit here that Rockport is an inviting, public place. We’re all welcome here.”

To make a donation, including buying an inscribed brick for the “Community Walkway,” go to:

The Rockport Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.