Rockport Public Library construction update

Fri, 09/11/2020 - 12:00pm
    There has been a lot of great progress on the library over the past two weeks but the biggest really noticeable change is the pouring of the arches that will hold up the deck that will overlook the Village. The forms have been up for a month or so and made it really hard to visualize the what the final product would look like. In fact the bricks for the interior face of the archways have been hidden inside for quite some time.
    Work continues on the intersection with the burying of conduits that will allow the wires in the front of the building to go underground. Yes, relocating the pole on the SE corner of the lot was considered, but the estimate to deal with that was above 100k, as I remember. Too big a number when we were trying to fit within a budget. This work has to be completed before work can continue on the intersection and exterior grading.
    The granite caps are nearly installed on the parapet walls. Some final matching cuts have to be made, before the last pieces can be put in place.
    Lighting fixtures are being installed, inside the building and final painting is being completed on the main floor and being started in the lower level.
    The heat pump exterior units have been installed and are being connected. All in all things are going along as expected.


    The pump truck arrives ready to start pouring concrete into the forms for the archways that will hold up the deck that overlooks the Village.



    Once the concrete truck arrived, pouring the cement into the forms began under the watchful eye of the Phi crew.


    Once the concrete truck arrived, pouring the cement into the forms began under the watchful eye of the Phi crew.


    Once the concrete cured the forms were removed revealing the “look” of the support structure for the deck. The concrete will be faced with brick as shown below.


    Remember those wires in the earlier photo? Pictured below are some of the conduits that will carry those wires underground. Also pictured are some of the many culverts that will provide the drainage for Union and Limerock Streets.


    A new drainage culvert being installed connecting the culverts on Union and Limerock to the system installed in front of the library that carries runoff to the harbor. A reminder why it is so important that you not dump anything down these drains because it all ends up in the harbor.


    After all the utility lines (water, sewer, power and communications) have been run into the building through conduits, it was all backfilled and prepped for final grade.


    Shown below are one of the lights hanging in the book stack area followed by the lights installed in the top of the beams in the room that will provide additional, defused, lighting in the space.


    Finally, the many energy efficient heat pumps that will keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.