Rockport Library Construction Report: Almost finished

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 9:30pm

    So, we are getting closer and closer with each day that passes.

    Phi is working on their “punch list” items for the interior of the building and the library staff are physically moving into the building as construction continues on the building. Once phones and internet are restored to the building, the staff can fully move into the new space and start working from their new home.

    Opening day has not been announced yet, as there is still work to be done on the intersection and entrances that will prevent public access even if the interior is complete.

    The work on the intersection is proceeding along with the landscaping around the building and in the park. The changes and improvements the park are significant. The monuments are being moved and are now in prominent locations, so that they are visible to walkers and people visiting the library. The new walkways and plantings make the park much more inviting and user friendly. Members of the Parks Committee working with a landscape architect have pulled this redesign together and make it happen.

    Along with the construction in the park, the work on the intersection and exterior landscaping continues.

    Below is a view of the new circulation desk built by the skilled cabinet makers at Phi. Architect Stephen Smith and Library Director, Ben Blackmon look over the installation of the checkout technology that has been installed. You can see the unfortunate sign of the times, the plexiglass barrier custom made to fit the desk.


    Pictured below is a view of the book stacks. They are still in need of the oak endcaps and tops that will provide the nice finished look.



    Pictured below is the entrance to the children's room



    The photo below is of the marine room shelving and mahogany raised panels all constructed by a local woodworker.


    Pictured below is the entrance to the marine room.


    Pictured below is the nearly finished main entrance to the library. The glass inner doors coupled with the outer doors provide plenty of natural light into the interior of the building. Some of the beautiful artwork is being hung. At the left of the photo is one of my (many) favorite Peter Ralston photos.


    The technical services office is pictured below. The glass wall in this office and in the tutor/conference room space add to the openness of the interior of the library.


    OK, it is time to clean up your room.

    Pictured below is the staff office in the lower level with some of their materials moved into the space that has yet to be rearranged.


    Below is a photo of the lower level entrance to the library. Material is being removed to prepare for the pavers that will go in to finish off the entrance.


    Pictured below is the near final grade of the east side of the building.


    The curbing has been installed along Russel Ave delineating the 3 parking spaces in the front of the building.


    Below is the ipe wood decking has been installed on the upper deck. The railings and glass are nearly complete and ready to install. This will finish off the look of the deck.


    Below is a photo of the new entrance to Limerock Street is taking shape.



    Pictured below is the final pour of the Union Street sidewalk, as well as the overhead utilities that will remove the wires from in front of the building.

    Pictured below is the landscaping of the park that is being completed.


    Below is a photo of one of the several monuments that have been relocated to their permanent home in the newly designed park.

    The landscaping in Memorial Park took place Oct. 27, by volunteers Gretchen Leone, Jan Baldwin, Doug Cole, Haunani Wallace, Sandy Hurlburt and Doc Wallace. Missing from the photo is Terry Hurlburt.