Boat breaks apart on North Haven shore

Rockport lobster boat a total loss after breaking loose, and carried by seas to North Haven rocks

Sun, 01/27/2019 - 4:15pm

Story Location:
stand in point
north haven  Maine
United States

ROCKPORT - F/V La Boat III, of Rockport, was lost to the sea after its personal float in Rockport broke free overnight on Thursday, January 24. The boat was discovered broken apart on the rocks of North Haven, a Penobscot Bay island more than 10 miles offshore, according to Marine Patrol Sgt. Matt Talbot. 

The vessel belongs to Danny Dodge, of Rockport. 

According to Sgt. Talbot, La Boat III was tied to a personal float in Rockport Harbor near the Goose River footbridge. The boat has been a fixture at Rockport Harbor for years, and is part of the town’s fishing fleet.

The float apparently broke loose and it, with the vessel, which drifted in the dark to North Haven, where it was discovered badly damaged on the island, on Stand In Point, near the monument. 

Rockport Harbormaster Abbie Leonard said that the fishing community on North Haven and its sister Island, Vinalhaven, were extremely helpful and concerned about the unfortunate situation. 

Sadly, the boat later broke into pieces, rendering it a total loss, said Talbot. 

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