Rockport Garden Club: Maine DOT says no flower boxes allowed on Goose River Bridge

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 7:00pm

Where have all the flowers gone?

The Rockport Garden Club has been receiving calls concerning the Rockport Goose River Bridge.  Concerned residents and summer people want to know why the flower boxes are not hanging over the bridge rail to give the already beautiful backdrop of Rockport Harbor even more color and enjoyment as they always have done in years past. 

The Rockport Garden Club members miss the flowers along the bridge, too, the club said in a news release.  The club  members plant and maintain the flower and shrub areas of  Harbor Park, Rockport Opera House, Mary Lea Park, Memorial Park, Weidman Triangle and the Rockport Post Office, Aldermere Farm, the Arch and the West Rockport Post Office  along with the area around Andre the Seal.  The bridge flower boxes used to be included in their town beautification work until this year.

The Maine Dept. of Transportation is enforcing a requirement of not allowing anything to be hung on bridges throughout Maine because of safety issues, the release said.

“And that, unfortunately, includes the pretty flowers that you used to see as you crossed over the Goose River Bridge,” the club said.

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