Funds to expand dockage for vessels traveling Maine coast

Rockland Yachting Solutions awarded federal Boating Infrastructure grant

Mon, 07/10/2017 - 9:00pm

PORTLAND — Yachting Solutions, LLC, of Rockland, is among two Maine marinas that will receive federal grant funds totaling more than $1.8 million. The Federal Boating Infrastructure Grants are intended to support projects that will expand docking space in order to serve a greater number of vessels traveling along the Maine coast. Funded through taxes and fees on motorboat fuel and related equipment, the grants are administered by the National Park Service (NPS).

The Maine Department of Transportation proposes to work with Yachting Solutions to assist with expansions to the Yachting Solutions Boat Basin. The proposed expansion would provide an additional 2,200 feet of linear dockage at their existing Rockland Boat Basin, space that would be utilized by transient vessels. Spring Point Marina in South Portland will also receive a portion of the grant monies. Additionally, Maine will receive over $400,000 in Clean Vessel Act funds to improve its system of boat wastewater pumpout stations.

Boating Infrastructure Grants

Yachting Solutions, LLC, Rockland, Maine

The DOT is to work with Yachting Solutions, LLC on expansions to the Yachting Solutions Boat Basin. This will provide 2,200 linear feet of new dockage at the facility, which will be dedicated solely to eligible transient vessels. Also included are the installation of 100 amp and 480V 3-phase power, in-slip fueling, and the conversion of an existing upland gazebo structure into a well-appointed transient boater's lounge.

Federal Funds Requested: $1,046,760; Non-Fed Match: $737,941; Total: $1,784,701


Spring Point Marina, South Portland, Maine

The DOT is to work with Port Harbor Marine to construct 916 linear feet of berthing space dedicated specifically to eligible transient boaters and provide 15 new power pedestals providing shore power and potable water for up to thirty transient vessels.

Federal Funds Requested: $843,405; Non-Fed Match: $877,830; Total: $1,721,235

YClean Vessel Act Grant

Maine – Coastal $405,280 - The Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Resource Regulation, plans to use grant funds to install or upgrade 10 pumpout stations and provide operation and maintenance stipends to pumpout boats and stationary facilities. They also propose to review and update their Education and Outreach Plan as well as develop/distribute educational materials to boaters and boating facilities.