Letter to the editor

Owls Head Harbor Master thanks community for help with beach clean-up

Thu, 01/12/2023 - 6:15pm

I want to thank everyone for all their help with the clean-up of the beach at the end of Harborside Terrace in Owls Head on the morning of January 11.

What a great turnout we had and the many hands made light work for sure. 

I appreciate all those who helped, including Dick Carver, Walter Wotton, Ian Lussier, Lynn Chaplin, Todd Bulock, Jeff Smith, Beth Long, Gordon Page, Lauren Swartzbaugh, Kathy Parker, Blair Parker, Josh Cloud, Drew Philips, Greg McElroy, Jim Devery, and Jeremy Willey.

There were a few more but unfortunately they were between trips to the wood dump when we collected names and are not listed above.

It is great to see how townsfolk came together to get the task done. This is how a small town works. We all help. I was glad that we got the boat cleaned up but in the end I think I was even more happy with the amount of people who showed up.

It was great.

Thank you.

Adam Philbrook is Owls Head’ harbor master