Lettert to the editor: Justin Thompson

November is drawing and near and I humbly ask for your vote

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 9:45am

As Mainers, we recognize the value of hard work, education, and self-sacrifice for our children.  We work hard with each other, every day, more often than not, laboring from dusk until dawn.  We respect each other, we listen, and we care.  No matter what differences we may have, we come together when needed.

My name is Justin Thompson.  I’m writing you because I’m running for local House District Seat 92, and I need your support.  I’d like to share with you some things about myself, and who I am.  I’m a native of Port Clyde, a fifth generation lobster fisherman, with a background in law enforcement, and a father of three very independent young ladies.

At the heart of Maine communities are the families, schools, and teachers. What benefits our children is best decided on the local level. The Town of St. George is a strong example of how to achieve local control in education. Our flourishing K-8 school is a fantastic model for success statewide, but we had to fight to break free from RSU13. My family strongly supported this effort. The verdict on the consolidation law is now in. It didn’t work! The good news is we need not look beyond what St. George is doing to provide a thriving climate for the education of our youth. Let’s not force our teachers to “teach to the test," and most importantly, let our skilled educators do their job. We depend on them as much as they do on us. Let’s work together no matter what “party” we may be in. Education brings us together. It’s best we do as we said we would and fund it.  When Jefferson penned the Eight Article of our State constitution, I don’t think he had EPS in mind, we better have a look at how we’re treating education in Augusta.  We all want what is best for our children. Let’s work to achieve success. 

We Mainers must protect the environment that helps jobs to grow. Less government interference works best. It’s important to remember how diverse a district we are. From fisherman to farmers to educators, we are an exceptional people. The water affords our young people an opportunity to make an honest living, and a way to stimulate the local economy. Let’s harness that, but also let’s encourage our youth to have a backup plan through practical hands-on learning. An educated workforce is vital for our future success. As a lobster fisherman and a college graduate, I know the value of having a second option. I’m a firm proponent of increased post-secondary education for our youth. Our work ethic as Mainers is evidenced by the sheer number of jobs we’re willing to work, just to “get by.” As your Representative in Augusta, I’ll work to alleviate this burden. Furthermore, I will encourage those living under the shackles of economic poverty that there is hope through hard work.

We all contribute in our own way. Inspiring growth and leading by example is essential. So often we hear that hard work pays off. Let's allow our people to keep more money in their pocket through thoughtful budgeting and careful spending in Augusta.

Law and order are the fabric of our society. My past has given me a unique perspective on our justice system. I don’t believe in legislating one’s moral behavior. It bogs down a process that’s already working. I support stronger youth rehabilitation programs and encourage more resources for mental health facilities. Crime doesn’t always just involve “good guys and bad guys.” We have to help with corrective measures before people make poor choices. It’s time we stop playing political game with things like Narcan.  Who are we to refuse someone’s loved one another chance.  Let’s stay focused, we need to be there when someone is ready to make the choice to try.  It’s joint effort, and I’m ready to do my part.  Based on my experience with law enforcement, I will work with closely with our local professionals when dealing with this problem, my dear friend Tim Carroll is set to be our next Sheriff. I will work hard to combat the drug epidemic impacting our area and state.

The time for talk is over on this issue. We need to attack this problem together, full speed ahead, and I’m relying on you to help. 

Folks, November is drawing near.  You’re certainly hearing plenty about everything under the sun that needs fixing in this world, just like I do.  It starts with the ending of the negativity, and working together.  Maybe you’ve seen my signs, or my banner.  They have my buoy color.  I’m a black and white guy, and I’m ready to represent you.  Next month when you step into that Ballot box, please set aside the party decrees, and vote your conscience.  I humbly ask for your vote this November.


Justin Thompson lives in Port Clyde and is running for House District 92