Nadim out-drove his great grandfather by about 110 yards

Northport Golf Club celebrates It's 100th Year

Mon, 07/11/2016 - 6:30pm

    Endangered Penobscot River Salmon wasn't on the banquet menu, but everything else at the Northport Golf Club's Centennial Celebration was much as it was when the course opened all those years ago.

    A ceremonial tee shot was hit by Nadim El-Jouradi, the great grandson of Ralph Flanders, who hit the first tee shot 100 years ago. Nadim out-drove his great grandfather by about 110 yards, straight down the middle. The ball landed in the lush green grass that only arrived with the complete irrigation system installed less than 20 years ago.

    The layout has changed in small increments over the years as one generation after another has added its best efforts to improve the track, but it remains the classic par 36, nine-hole layout designed by it's first pro, George Jennings.

    The weather was perfect and the scramble tournament was won by the foursome of Scott Benzie, Steve Stanford, Jim and Lisa Desmarteau, shooting a sizzling 59. On the course you could find foursomes nattily attired in vintage golfing outfits that brought smiles to the faces of the visiting pros and attending celebrities.

    Horses no longer pull the mowers and the summer residents don't arrive by steamer, but the club remains a social focus for Waldo County golfing enthusiasts.

    In the beginning the club and golf course was the idea of Ira Cobe and a circle of well-off Bayside summer residents, but the club has been preserved by the dedication of it's local Midcoast membership. Even the Northport Bent Velvet Grass has it's unique acquired character. The entire history of the course has been chronicled in Northport Golf Club, The First 100 Years, just released for the celebration.

    PGA pro, Robb Herron, and his wife, Paula, keep the course and pro shop in top shape and the members are all friendly. The course is open to the public, so come out and play a round and make a little golfing history.