Nonprofit organization seeks local families to host high school exchange students

Sun, 07/30/2023 - 8:00am

ASSE International Student Exchange Programs (ASSE), in cooperation with your community high school, is looking for local families to host boys and girls ages 15–18 for the next academic year.

“Students from all over the world – places like Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Ukraine, to name a few – are excited to study in the USA; all they need now is you,” said ASSE, in a news release. “Loving and caring host families are the cornerstone of our program and vital to its mission of bridging the gap between people, cultures, and nations. During this time of social distancing, we need to look forward to and celebrate opportunities to bring humanity back together. By generously opening your home to a young person from overseas, you and your family help us continue our global commitment to increasing international peace, understanding, and unity.”

Preparations are well underway for the 2023-24 program year and the arrival of new future leaders this Autumn. ASSE students come with an enthusiasm to practice their English and experience American culture – food, sports, shopping, and more. They also love to share their own culture with their host families – who welcome them not as guests, but as family members – giving both the students and families a rich cultural experience.

In addition, ASSE students have pocket money for personal expenses, along with health, accident, and liability insurance. ASSE students are selected for participation based on academics and good citizenship. Host families can choose their students from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries, and personal interests.

To become a host family, or to find out how to become involved with ASSE in your community, please call the ASSE Eastern Regional Office at 1-800 677-2773 or go to to begin your host family application.

“There are many students to choose from, so begin the process of welcoming your new son or daughter into your family today,” said ASSE.