In new phone scam, impersonators claim to be Knox County Sheriff’s Office employees

Wed, 01/05/2022 - 4:45pm

    The Knox County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of a new scam. The callers are claiming to be Knox Sheriff's Office employees. 

    The impersonators state that the person they called has missed a court date and needs to stay on the phone with them until they can meet at a location, usually the KCSO’s actual address. They are very high pressure and are using intimidating and threats of arrest to get you to believe them.

    So far the names used are Captain Augustus and Sergeant Smith, according to the KCSO’s Facebook page.

    “They are also able to clone our office and dispatch numbers, so do not believe them if they hang up and call you back,” said the Facebook page. “We do not conduct business this way.”

    If you get a call like this, please hang up and call the dispatch center at +1 (207) 594-0677 to report it.