Letter to the editor: Jesse Watson

Nate Davis for Rockland city council

Wed, 10/23/2019 - 10:45am

One of the many things that i admire most about Nate Davis is his seemingly unending commitment to civic engagement. 

He is a deeply committed citizen of this community and has been actively engaged in doing his part to help with local governance for as long as I’ve known him.  He constantly demonstrates commitment to democratic values by listening to various perspectives on issues, and he actively considers the opinions of others. 

I wish we had more people like Nate who were ready and willing to show up and participate in self-governance. 

I’ve known Nate to participate in a wide variety of volunteer projects to help make the world a better place by making Rockland a better place.  He is an educator of youth, he is a strategic planner, he thinks in systems and can contemplate a variety of perspectives before making wise decisions and taking decisive action. 

Nate and I worked closely together for two years to get an ordinance passed in Rockland that guarantees the right of citizens to grow and exchange food, free of industrial-scale regulations when it is a small direct-to-patron business. 

We patiently worked through the democratic process here in Rockland, and together we were able to build consensus on this issue with the entire city council. 

I have every confidence that Nate will be tremendously beneficial to the democratic city council process here in Rockland.  Please join me in voting for Nate Davis for Rockland city council on November 5.  

Jesse Labbe-Watson lives in Rockland