Letter to the editor: Pam Maus

Natasha Irving has fresh, proven approach to restoring, protecting justice

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 2:15pm

After hearing Natasha Irving  at a house party and then in debates with her opponent, it became clear to me why I would vote for Natasha for District 6 Attorney.

Working as a defense attorney Natasha witnessed the failures of the current policies of the District Attorney’s office. Too much of taxpayers hard-earned dollars are being wasted on jailing non-violent misdemeanor offenses leaving the D.A. with few funds to deal with violent crimes.

After witnessing the horrors of domestic abuse, elder abuse, veterans getting lost in the systems as they struggle to readjust to civilian life, to the mentally ill being tossed in jail cells rather than getting the treatment they need, Natasha decided to run for District Attorney.

I will vote for Natasha because she brings a fresh and proven approach to restoring and protecting justice in our communities.

Pam Maus lives in Owls Head