Letter to the editor: Wilhelmina Ulbrich

My Neighbor Bill Pluecker

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 2:30pm

During this time of such discouraging political divide, I encourage you to be independent thinkers and voters.  Let’s stop falling for charged rhetoric on either side of the isle.  There are no pat solutions for difficult problems.  Let’s stop pretending that there are.  

Bill Pluecker is a neighbor, friend and fellow farmer now running as State Representative in our district (Warren, Hope, Appleton and East Union). I usually see him in a farming capacity covered in dirt and sweat directing farm-workers in a patient and straight-forward way.  He and his family have helped us out many times over the years, and I have one outstanding memory from the summer my mother died.  Bill knew we were hoping to have the memorial service in our barn, and one morning he called up and offered to come over along with his interns to start in on the mammoth task of mucking out stalls in preparation for the service.  Not only does Bill never shy from work, but he is as sensible, smart, patient and kind-hearted of a person as you will ever meet.  Based on what I have witnessed, I would say that working together with others and coming up with practical solutions are two of his great strengths.  I would love to see those strengths in Augusta and encourage you to vote for Independent Bill Pluecker on November 6.  


Wilhelmina Ulbrich lives in Warren