Street glimpses

Music, art and the creative spirit infuses Camden Art Walk

Fri, 06/17/2022 - 1:30pm

CAMDEN — Bay View Street in Camden transformed for a few hours Thursday into a creative bubble with live music and an easygoing art scene, as traffic was diverted, and gallery and store doors remained opened and inviting. 

On the asphalt, children were drawing up a storm with chalk, while their parents wandered in and out of the storefronts, or visited with neighbors and friends. In the galleries, new art and photography of artists captivated those taking in that scene, while further up the street near the intersection of Route 1, musicians with the band Splitwillow, cast a spell over those within earshot with their talent.

It was the regular third Thursday of the month, which meant Camden Art Walk, organized and promoted by artist Colin Page.

The ambience was a little European, a little Bourbon Street, and no one really wanted it all to wrap up. It was a refreshing change from Camden’s regular focus on the tourist economy and reflected a different cultural wave rising.