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Midcoast wrestlers excel at KVAC tournament

Sat, 02/01/2020 - 11:00pm

AUGUSTA — Five area high school wrestling teams hit the road Saturday, Feb. 1 to compete in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championships at Cony High School in Augusta. 

As teams, regardless of classification, Camden Hills placed second with 151 points, Belfast placed third (128 points), Medomak Valley placed ninth (70 points), Mount View placed 10th (55 points) and Oceanside placed 14th (27 points). 

Among Class A schools, Camden Hills finished second. 

Among Class B schools, Belfast finished first, Medomak Valley finished second, Mount View finished third and Oceanside finished sixth. 

Below is how wrestlers from the Midcoast performed at the tournament. 

Camden Hills

The Windjammers had six wrestlers place individually including Julian Henderson (first), Eric Andrews (first), Joshua Saucier (third), Devin Hutchinson (second), Ian Henderson (first) and Henry Pharris (fourth). 

106 pounds: Julian Henderson pinned Jacob St. Pierre (Mount Blue), pinned Caleb Chamberland (Mount Ararat) and pinned Connor Fournier (Belfast). 

113 pounds: Eric Andrews pinned Nathan Lefebre (Cony), pinned Michael Welch (Skowhegan) and pinned Carter Fogarty (Oceanside). 

120 pounds: Joshua Saucier defeated Ahmad Ahmad (Cony), pinned by Brycen Kowalsky (Mount Ararat), pinned Rocco Hayden (Oxford Hills) and won by forfeit against Ahmad Ahmad (Cony). 

126 pounds: Devin Hutchinson pinned Nate Farrar (Erskine Academy), defeated Momo Alibrahim (Cony) and pinned by Calvin Peck (Nokomis). 

138 pounds: Nina Fantini pinned by Cole Steeves (Maine Central Institute) and pinned by Damien Gilley (Winslow). 

145 pounds: Ian Henderson pinned Wyatt Flowers (Lincoln Academy), pinned Gaige Kindlimann (Morse), defeated Zachary Ward (Mount View) and pinned Caden Kowalsky (Mount Ararat). 

152 pounds: Griffin Carnell pinned Corbin Drake (Lincoln Academy), pinned Drake Ahearn (Gardiner), pinned by Mark Ward (Mount View) and pinned by Maximus Openshaw (Lawrence). 

160 pounds: Hayleigh Martz pinned by Ben Brewer (Morse) and pinned by Kyle Graffam (Mount Ararat). 

170 pounds: Nathaniel Stanley pinned Jack Dorval (Winslow), pinned by Tucker Nicholas (Mount Blue) and lost to Christopher Popp (Lincoln Academy). 

182 pounds: Henry Pharris pinned Tristan Klemanski (Erksine Academy), lost to Casey Mills (Cony), pinned Devyn Purington (Gardiner), pinned Colby Verrill-Hyde (Medomak Valley), defeated Lucas Steinberger (Lincoln Academy) and lost by forfeit to Casey Mills (Cony). 

195 pounds: Kai Sassa pinned Calvin Gould (Nokomis), pinned by Aaron Lettre (Cony), pinned Aaron Sacks (Maine Central Institute) and lost to Camryn Atwood (Skowhegan). 

220 pounds: Benjamin Nautel pinned by John Howard (Mount Blue), pinned Arron Erving (Winslow) and pinned by Nicholas Lincoln (Nokomis). 

285 pounds: Ben MacWilliams pinned by Jeffrey Kirk (Bangor), pinned John Burchett (Oceanside), pinned Andy Murray (Mount Ararat) and lost to Mohammad Ajiendi (Cony). 



The Lions had six wrestlers place individually including Connor Fournier (second), Gavynn Young (third), Timothy Smith (fourth), Brian White (first), Nathaniel Porter (fourth) and Cameron Watts (second). 

106 pounds: Connor Fournier pinned Dyllan Lingley (Cony), defeated Bryce Atkisson (Oxford Hills) and pinned by Julian Henderson (Camden Hills. 

113 pounds: Gavynn Young defeated Jake Emond (Erskine Academy), lost to Carter Fogarty (Oceanside), pinned Kaiden Beasley (Mount Ararat) and defeated Jared Bellemare (Oxford Hills). 

120 pounds: Junne Robertson-McIntire pinned by Aiden Clark (Skowhegan) and pinned by Taiton Schutt (Morse). 

126 pounds: Timothy Smith pinned Morgan Fonger (Mount View), pinned by Malik Keresey (Maine Central Institute), pinned Rachel Tuck (Skowhegan), pinned Anh-Minh Nguyen (Lincoln Academy), pinned Momo Alibrahim (Cony) and lost by forfeit to Malik Keresey (Maine Central Institute). 

132 pounds: Kaden Bonin pinned Nathan McKenney (Maine Central Institute), won by majority decision against Caleb Johnson (Oxford Hills), lost by technical pin against Robert Davies (Skowhegan) and pinned by Caden Trask (Messalonskee). 

138 pounds: Michael Ham lost by technical pin against Isaiah Morin (Nokomis), defeated Riley Smith (Oxford Hills) and lost to Connor McNish (Morse). 

145 pounds: Jonah Lovejoy defeated Cameron Strout (Oxford Hills), pinned by Caden Kowalsky (Mount Ararat) and pinned by Adam Loewen (Mount Blue). 

152 pounds: Jackson Lapierre pinned by Brett Raio (Mount Ararat) and pinned by Dakota Andow (Cony). 

160 pounds: Elijah Charbonnier defeated Stefan Baciu (Nokomis), pinned by Ben Brewer (Morse), pinned Seth Lothrop (Cony), pinned Nolan Grubb (Medomak Valley) and pinned by Bristol Leahy (Oxford Hills). 

170 pounds: Francesco Martin pinned by Tyler Cox (Medomak Valley) and pinned by Kaden Salley (Skowhegan). 

182 pounds: Brian White pinned Erik Williamson (Mount Blue), pinned Isaak Sinclair (Morse), pinned Lucas Steinberger (Lincoln Academy) and defeated Dillon Worster (Oxford Hills). 

195 pounds: Nathaniel Porter defeated Camryn Atwood (Skowhegan), pinned by Aaron Lettre (Cony), pinned Ty Knowlton (Morse) and pinned by Isaak Peavey (Erskine Academy). 

220 pounds: Cameron Watts pinned Nicholas Popp (Lincoln Academy), pinned Arron Erving (Winslow), defeated John Howard (Mount Blue) and pinned by Jeffrey Worster (Oxford Hills). 

285 pounds: Ben Watts pinned by Mohammad Aljendi (Cony), pinned Tyreke Hitchner (Erskine Academy) and pinned by Travis Doucette (Messalonskee). 


Medomak Valley

The Panthers had two wrestlers place individually including Tyler Cox (third) and Erik Benner (first). 

120 pounds: Gavin Readinger pinned by Aiden Clark (Skowhegan) and pinned by Rocco Hayden (Oxford Hills). 

126 pounds: Ian Doughty pinned by Malik Keresey (Maine Central Institute) and pinned by Morgan Fonger (Mount View). 

138 pounds: Josh MacDougall lost by majority decision to Connor McNish (Morse), pinned Nicholas Tavernakis (Lincoln Academy) and pinned by Damien Gilley (Winslow). 

145 pounds: Brady Carter pinned by Caden Kowalsky (Mount Ararat), pinned Wyatt Flowers (Lincoln Academy), pinned Cameron Strout (Oxford Hills) and pinned by Zachary Ward (Mount View). 

152 pounds: Damien Henry pinned by Kobe Butters (Skowhegan), pinned Jay Choi (Maine Central Institute) and pinned by Hayden Riley (Oxford Hills). 

160 pounds: Nolan Grubb pinned by Timber Parlin (Erskine Academy), pinned Lance Forssett (Lincoln Academy) and pinned by Elijah Charbonnier (Belfast). 

170 pounds: Tyler Cox pinned Francesco Martin (Belfast), pinned Dana Purington (Gardiner), pinned by Tucker Nicholas (Mount Blue), pinned Kaden Salley (Skowhegan) and pinned Aidan Larrabee (Erskine Academy). 

182 pounds: Colby Verrill-Hyde pinned Kaleb McPhail (Mount Ararat), pinned by Dillon Worster (Oxford Hills), pinned Erik Williamson (Mount Blue) and pinned by Henry Pharris (Camden Hills). 

195 pounds: Erik Benner pinned Scott Sharples (Mount Ararat), pinned Galen Daly-O’Donnell (Lincoln Academy), pinned Isaak Peavey (Erskine Academy) and pinned Aaron Lettre (Cony). 


Mount View

The Mustangs had two wrestlers place individually including Mark Ward (first) and Zachary Ward (third). 

126 pounds: Morgan Fonger pinned by Timothy Smith (Belfast), pinned Ian Doughty (Medomak Valley) and pinned by Caleb Evans (Oxford Hills). 

132 pounds: Emma Fonger pinned by Caleb Johnson (Oxford Hills), pinned Nathan McKenney (Maine Central Institute) and pinned by Caden Trask (Messalonskee). 

145 pounds: Zachary Ward pinned Josh Swift (Maine Central Institute), pinned Adam Loewen (Mount Blue), lost to Ian Henderson (Camden Hills), pinned Brady Carter (Medomak Valley) and won by forfeit against Adam Loewen (Mount Blue). 

152 pounds: Mark Ward pinned Jay Choi (Maine Central Institute), pinned Kobe Butters (Skowhegan), pinned Griffin Carnell (Camden Hills) and defeated Brett Raio (Mount Ararat). 

160 pounds: Aeden Barrett pinned by Timber Parlin (Erskine Academy) and pinned by Connor Bell (Gardiner). 

195 pounds: Garrett Dunton lost by technical pin against Camryn Atwood (Skowhegan) and pinned by Ty Knowlton (Morse). 



The Mariners had only one wrestler place individually in Carter Fogarty (second). 

113 pounds: Carter Fogarty pinned Jared Bellemare (Oxford Hills), defeated Gavynn Young (Belfast) and pinned by Eric Andrews (Camden Hills). 

120 pounds: Silas Spear pinned by Ahmad Ahmad (Cony) and pinned by Rocco Hayden (Oxford Hills). 

132 pounds: Seth Spear pinned by Caden Trask (Messalonskee) and pinned by Caleb Johnson (Oxford Hills). 

170 pounds: Nat Small pinned by Aidan Larrabee (Erskine Academy) and pinned by Robert Reed (Morse). 

182 pounds: Matthew Spear pinned Alex Crews (Winslow), pinned by Lucas Steinberger (Lincoln Academy), pinned Tristan Klemanski (Erskine Academy), defeated Isaak Sinclair (Morse) and pinned by Casey Mills (Cony). 

285 pounds: John Burchett pinned by Brayden Doucette (Skowhegan) and pinned by Ben MacWilliams (Camden Hills). 

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