‘Without providing safe, sober and supportive housing, most people cannot make progress’

Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition receives $30,000 from Stephen, Tabitha King Foundation

Fri, 12/17/2021 - 1:15pm

ROCKLAND — Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition has been awarded a $30,000 grant through the application process of the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation. This investment will enable MCRC to upgrade The Friends House to provide much needed repairs including the addition of a first-floor bathroom and extensive renovations to the parking area.

The Friends House, located in Rockland, is able to accommodate 10 men in recovery who need a safe, sober, and supportive place to live. The House already provides a healing environment in which the residents spend time together for support, while establishing employment and connections to other local resources in the community that assist their recoveries.

“Now, the Friends House will be an even safer and a more effective place for those committed to recovery from addiction,” said MCRC, in a news release.

“It is critical for people in early recovery to have a solid foundation to begin their recovery,” said Iain Kirkham, house supervisor of The Friends House. “Without providing safe, sober and supportive housing, most people cannot make progress in their recovery and continue to struggle with complications of their addiction. We are so thankful to the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation for helping us to provide a safe and home-like environment at the Friends House.” 

MCRC is very close to reaching its fundraising goals for 2021; if you would like to help, please visit www.midcoastrecovery.org or via email at info@midcoastrecovery.org

Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition, established in 2016, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide support to individuals and families seeking help and healing to address the challenge of addiction.