‘Having medical and behavioral health care at school saves your child from missing time away from school’

Medomak Valley High establishes on-campus School Health Center

Wed, 12/18/2019 - 6:00pm

    WALDOBORO — The administration at Medomak Valley High School announced Wednesday, Dec. 18 the school has established a partnership with LincolnHealth to open a School Health Center.  

    The center will be located on the high school’s campus as part of the current health office and will be similar to a doctor’s office at the school for students. 

    “Having medical and behavioral health care at school saves your child from missing time away from school,” said Medomak Valley principal Linda Pease. “Your child can get an appointment and be seen during school hours. It also saves parents time away from work. A behavioral health clinician and a nurse practitioner will staff the School Health Center under the direction of Dr. Andrew Russ, Medical Director at LincolnHealth.” 

    The district will be sending a packet in the mail to all high school families regarding the School Health Center. Among the packet will be three forms that need to be completed in order for students to be serviced in the School Health Center.

    Those with an existing primary care doctor can still be seen at the School Health Center and the staff will work with that primary care doctor. 

    Students not feeling well will first see the school’s nurse, Sherri Vail, or her health aide. If the nurse determines it is necessary, she will then contact the parent/guardian for permission to send the student to see the School Health Center’s medical or behavioral health staff, according to Pease. 

    Registration is required for a student to be seen and involves filling out the forms being sent home and returning them to the school. The forms must be completed each school year going forward.

    It is free to sign up for this service.

    To sign up, follow the below four steps: 

    1. Complete the Demographic Information, Emergency Information and Insurance form. Those with insurance are asked to send a copy of the insurance card. 

    2. Read and sign the Consent to Treatment form. This is the same type of form signed when visiting a doctor’s office. 

    3. Read and sign the Consent for Expanded Service form. Consent for medical and behavioral health services is required for any student under the age of 18.

    4. Return completed forms to the School Health Center via mail or drop-off. 

    The School Health Center staff will bill MaineCare or a private insurance provider for services provided. Co-pays are billed after the appointment.

    Those without insurance are advised to call the school at (207) 832-5566 for help.

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