Medical marijuana facility proposal to return to Rockland Planning Board

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 12:00pm

    ROCKLAND — Rockland residents hoping to develop the city’s second medical marijuana storefront will return before the planning board Tuesday, Sept. 17. 

    In May 2018, Kristine and Charles Doherty, IV, proposed “Highbrow” as a potential tenant of the renovated CN Brown building at 696 Main Street. At that time, the planning board approved many of the property-related aspects in a 4-1 vote. However, the 1,300 square foot building failed to meet the 20-ft rear setback requirement.

    The Dohertys will return before the board, and on the agenda as new business with a new application for a caregiver retail storefront in a 1,200 square foot building.

    As tenants to the CN Brown-owned property, the Dohertys are promising that the one-story facility will have only one state-licensed medical marijuana caregiver, and that cultivation will be the primary facility usage. 

    The facility must not be within 250 feet of another medical marijuana production facility, and more than 500 feet from the property line of an existing public or private school. 

    No signs containing the word “marijuana” or any graphics/images of any portion of a marijuana plant, or anything else that identifies a medical marijuana production facility will be allowed. Interior advertisement, merchandise, and signs must be screened from the outside. However, the facility will be allowed to show the standard green “plus” sign (+) on a white background.

    The application suggests that carbon filter air scrubbers will keep odorous contaminants out of the air, and that waste will be ground into a biodegradable organic solvent that will be composted.

    Also within the application is a contract with a security firm listing several surveillance and security measures. 

    The Planning Board meeting starts at 5:15 p.m., in Rockland City Council Chambers.

    The agenda is as follows:

    Old Business:

    1. Continue review of an application and site plan (PB19-15) submitted by Midcoast Habitat for Humanity for a subdivision located at Philbrick Ave. (Tax Map 28-B-1)

    New Business:

    1. Review an application and site plan for a Home Occupation (PB20-4) submitted by Steve Earle Products Inc. for a Tradesman shop for fabricating small components located at 195 Bog Rd., Tax Map #89-A-7.

    2. Review an application and site plan (PB20-3) submitted by Kristine Doherty on behalf of Highbrow for a Medical Marijuana Production Facility located at 696 Main St., Tax Map #13-E-6.


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