Chipped beef on toast represents centuries of military history

Marine Corp League holds 27th annual S.O.S. breakfast

Sat, 06/02/2018 - 8:15pm

    CAMDEN – Regardless of the branch of the military one may have served within, S.O.S. was a regular dish of any chow line, although there are variations. Its roots can be traced back, possibly, to Hannibal, although that far back, the meat was more likely elephant than bovine. There are several references to S.O.S. just before World War I and references to the French military meals before that, although the term S.O.S. is strictly American.

     If you don't know what S.O.S stands for, you'll just have to ask a military person.

    The proper way to describe it is “chipped beef with gravy served on toast.”

    The Marine Corp League, Detachment 637, held its annual S.O.S. breakfast Saturday, June 2, at the American Legion Hall, Post 30, at 91 Pearl Street in Camden.

    Frank Carr, of the MCL, said it was their 27th year of doing the S.O.S. breakfast.

    "Any veteran knows what S.O.S. is," he said. "We've been holding the breakfasts in Warren or here in Camden every year. It's a fun project to do and we meet a lot of veterans."

    Bob Clark said it was the first meal he had when he went in the service and the last meal he had when he got out.

    "It's easy to prepare in the field," he said. "There was always a lot of livestock running around."

    Clark said the objective of the breakfast is to raise money.

    "Our kind of logo is Marines Helping Veterans," he said. "Any proceeds from here go to donations for veteran's homes like the House in the Woods and the Travis Mills Foundation, but we also donate to the food pantry for the backpack program."

    The Marines Corp League consists of approximately 40 members. The League meets at the Rockland Coast Guard Station the second Tuesday of each month, and does funeral processions and parades. 

    The American Legion gave the League the Post 30 space to host its breakfast while the U. S. Coast Guard Station Rockland prepared the S.O.S. for the MCL.

    Carr said MCL is always looking for members and volunteers. They can contact the League at (207) 236-0344.