Maine Water offers rain barrel program

Thu, 05/19/2022 - 5:15pm

Maine Water has partnered with Upcycle Products to provide customers the opportunity to purchase rain barrels at a discount and have them shipped directly to their homes.

Rain barrels can be set up to collect rain water from gutters and downspouts which can then be used for outdoor watering later.

“Capturing and storing rain water for outdoor watering is a great way to ease the stress on public drinking water sources during periods of dry weather,” said Mark Vannoy, Vice President of Maine Water, in a news release.

In addition to conserving tap water, rain barrels help to:

  • Conserve the energy that would otherwise be needed to pump water from the source, through the treatment process and out to the tap

  • Reduce storm water runoff to storm drains that in some communities may also be treated in wastewater water treatment facility


Customers can visit to purchase a 50 gallon rain barrel for $77, or a 55 gallon barrel for $82 which includes delivery fees. Other rain barrel accessories and products are available as well. The rain barrel program is open to anyone. The website will be available through October for those who would like to purchase.


About Maine Water

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